Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Article] Hyung Jun to Tour Japan for 'ESCAPE'

Hyung Jun will be flying to Japan soon to promote 'ESCAPE'. News report about it can be read in Korean portals.

Here is English translation shared by choiwj in AllKPop.  Thanks!

Hyung Jun's first Japan tour back in April was a success. There is no doubt that this one will be another successful one. 


[News] Kim Hyung Jun to embark on his second live tour in Japan
Source & Image: TV Report via Nate
by choiwj / AllKPop

After successfully concluding his first solo live tour ‘2012 1st Story in Japan‘ back in April, SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun is preparing to head back to Japan for another live tour to commemorate the release of his new album ‘ESCAPE‘ earlier this month in Korea.

The singer is scheduled to leave for Japan on August 1st and launch his tour on August 3rd, traveling to the ZEPP music halls in cities like Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. Kim Hyung Jun will conclude his concert on the 26th with a total of 9 concerts and hopes to firmly position himself as soloist and a Hallyu star through this tour.

SWAVE E&T, sponsor of the tour, stated, “Representatives in the music industry are showing high interest in the upcoming concert and the release of the new album by Kim Hyung Jun, who has been gaining much popularity in Japan. This will be his opportunity of appealing to a broader range of fans as this is his second nationwide tour in Japan. Please anticipate Kim Hyung Jun’s performances and future activities.”

Kim Hyung Jun will be releasing the Japanese version of ‘ESCAPE’ on August 8th..


Anonymous said...

wow baby good luck fighting!!!!but what about his drama MV?? and when will he promote on korean shows??

Anonymous said...

@anon9:24 I don't think he ever planned to promote on korean music shows. He'll now be promoting in Japan and I think Japan was always his main focus. This is probably why his agency isn't in any hurry to release the drama mv. It'll probably get released along the the Japanese one now. If I remember correctly, Hyung Jun said in an interview that he wanted to make up to the Japanese fans for not being able to promote properly before. Hyung Jun's first album coincided with the tsunami that really hurt Japan.

Good Luck Hyung Jun! Your album is amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

did all of the members have japan activities in the same time?jung min at japan, young saeng say he have japan activities in july, leader activities japan - korea n now baby japan promote at japan..what a concidence..i love it..

Anonymous said...

what?? i was expecting him to go to music show in korea but i guess he won't do it~ anyway japanese fans sure are lucky.. all our boys will start to promote next month~ XD

Anonymous said...

Gud luck baby :)

Anonymous said...

i am so happy for him good luck baby<3 escape is a good album