Sunday, July 15, 2012

[Pix] Wonderful Close Up Pix from 'God of Cookery' Filming by Rosemary 07.13.12

Wow! These are wonderful close up shots from Rosemary of Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun taken from the filming site last 13th of July of 'God of Cookery'

For better viewing, right click to view on large scale.

Following photos were lifted from HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why but they looked like teenagers from these pictures! Or is it just me? Haha...Thanks for sharing these wonderful close ups of them^^

Anonymous said...

love it!! very HQ photos indeed~
hyung jun looking FINE~ :)
young saeng angelic smile...dies XD
kyu jong cheeks seems fuller..^^
and yep, they do look like teens!
thankyu for these awesome photos~

ZhIyInG~ said...

Hyung jun looks like he needs a lot of rest. His eye bags.....

Anonymous said...

loving them :D

Anonymous said...

i LOVE these pictures!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They enjoy the normal life.
Not overwwork to exhaust like Leader.

kelly said...

pleasant and wonderful smiles.