Thursday, July 26, 2012

[Pix & Vid] Jung Min at KStyle

In the portal of KStyle, there appeared four articles of Jung Min today with new photos taken when he was in Japan. 

Let me first share with you this video greeting of Jung Min lifted from the YouTube channels of KStyle, 

From the article posted HERE, related to the video, Jung Min said that he will do his best to be an actor and singer.

In another article written HERE, I am shoving in this page photos of Jung Min.

According to the article, Jung Min gets his strength from the encouragement that fans give.

Below is a polariod with Jung Min's signature. According HERE, this will be given to lucky fan who will RT the tweet of @Kstyle_news regarding this post.

Last but not the lease is a long interview of Jung Min from KStyle that can be read HERE in Japanese.  Let's see if English trans will be shared later.


Anonymous said...

Awww... so sweet. JungMin-ah, we will always be with you and support you forever! Remember your smile lights up our world. Keep smiling!!!

Anonymous said...

And his pearly white lights up a dim theater, kekeke...

Jung Ming, Hwaiting!!!