Thursday, July 12, 2012

[Pix] Jung Min Launched Japanese Debut Single 07.12.13

Jung Min launched/showcased today his Japanese single ROMEO [ROMEO 1st CONTACT]held in Shinjuku BLAZE.

In the showcase for the reporters, ROMEO [JM] appeared on the stage and sang the 1st single "Give Me Your Heart" which will be released on September 5. Another performance followed in which he sang the 2nd single "Tonight's the Night" to be released on October 31.

From Barks, I read that the music video of the songs are currently being edited and  that full length release will be out soon.

There are lengthy news in Japanese HERE, HERE and HERE and I really WISH  that someone can share with us the English translation of these articles as they talk so much about ROMEO and Jung Min.

Btw, in  Tower Records Online  news it says that  Jeff Miyahara, a Japanese-Korean record producer and song-writer raised in Los Angeles, today based in Tokyo, Japan and worked with TVXQ and many Japanese artists such as JUJU, Kana Nishino, Namie Amuro as well as international artists like Boyz II Men, Pharrell Williams, and Timbaland worked with him in this album. He serves as music and visual producer (hee, I hope I got this right).

While we wait for translation of the news, here are photos from different portals.

Following are from Barks Global Music Explorer.

Nice monogram

More photos from Barks if you click HERE.

These photos came from Tower Records Online portal.

Below are lifted from courtesy of  朴政珉中文首站43Park @ Weibo

Before I end this post, I read from the tweet of @RenriSak0830 that Jung Min said he will have some tours in Asia and he will have Christmas concert in November or December.


Anonymous said...

the one he was in white shirt and hat were of the same event?
How could he be so hot&sexy and cute at the same time??!! *o*

Anonymous said...

jung min!! so hot~

Anonymous said...

oh my,he's so cuteeee with that white attire,i'm melt jungmin...^_^
so good to see u again my cutie and handsome mal..i still can't get over him in that white shirt..hehe :D

Tya said...

Oh God,,i miss him so much >_<
yeah,like anon 10:53 said,,he's cute n sexy at the same time :3

btw,,how about his problem with CNR now??he still work for them or he handle this Romeo promotion by himself??

Anonymous said...

Our Minie is so sexy & handsome. Glad to see him on stage (: can't enough of his sexyness!!

Anonymous said...

He is indeed not called "sexy charisma" for nothing. I was basically screaming like mad on d 2nd singles, specially d part where he slowly pulls up his shirt *p* (drroolllsss + nose bleed). So envied those Jap fans. I think I'll pounce on d stage if I'm there. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I just can't get JM's sexy moves, his stares, his voice, everything off my mind and kept repeating the vid over & over. Ohhh myyy... what am I gonna do from until Sep????!!!! : {

Anonymous said...

All the vids are just amazing! so so proud of our Mal. wonder if any fans can share any vids of him showing up as cute "JungMin"?! ^^