Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Pix] Young Saeng & WooRi First Kiss

Still shots of Young Saeng and WooRi first kiss in the sitcom 'Sent From Heaven' have been released. The scene below which I got from this, will be seen in the upcoming episode of the sitcom on the 13th of July.

The story of Young Saeng (as himself and Kaki) and WooRi (as NaRa) in the sitcom is cute. Since NaRa is a high school student only she made Young Saeng as her intern boyfriend with a condition that if does a good job she will be her official boyfriend later. With their kind of relationship expression of their liking is very limited to holding hands for only a number of times.

But on the coming episode on the 13th, their relationship seems to go one step forward as there will be a romantic date between Young Saeng and Woori. Will Young Saeng be the official boyfriend of WooRi in this episode? Let's all look forward on the 13th.


saengprince said...

Arghhhhhhhhh... I'm jealous...huhu^^

Anonymous said...

Youngseang suits romantic comedy roles i find it sexy.

mrsheo said... Saengie is making a progress...hahaha...^^

kelly said...

YS looks very kissable in the right photo.

Too bad sitcom coming to an end. He is great in comedy.

Raven said...

Kelly, you are so right....he has a beautiful look in his eyes.

Chara said...


The moment I feared for so long. ^^;
Thanks for waiting so long, Young Saeng, so that I'm fine about it. ^_^

Young Saeng, GO!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

I love you young saeng ^^

Anonymous said...

I love his eyes..his lips..i love everything about you saengi..sooo handsome..kaki fighting^^

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Kelly. He looks extremely kissable... very tempting.... He is definitely the gentle kind that makes girls melt^^

Anonymous said...

Oooh nara..
You do not know how LUCKY you are><

Anonymous said...

young saeng!! why???!! tell me why??!! T^T
never thought that this day would come..sigh~~
my heart is broken into pieces..

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. Woori, oh how lucky you are !!