Friday, July 20, 2012

[Vid] Jung Min Video Greeting

On the 19th of July k-fan.meチャンネル uploaded in their YouTube, channel, video greeting of Jung Min in relation to ROMEO.

Here is the video of Jung Min who I may say speak Japanese nicely.  I there is any English translation available, may I please ask anyone to give us tip?  Much thanks!

ROMEO was launched in in Shinjuku, Tokyo BLAZE last July 12 with 444 lucky fans. Jung Min 'Give Me You Heart' 1st Japanese single from ROMEO ranked 8th in the Daily Chaku-Uta Rekochoku music download store for smartphones. Not bad when the song is not yet official out CD form.


Anonymous said...

I still recall when they first went to Japan, the first Jap word he could say was "hyaku ni ju yen" (120Yen)and now look at him... Mal, you always makes us so proud of you and love you more! <3

Anonymous said...

always make me proud..uri jung minnie...