Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surge of Pix from ROMEO 1st Contact by

Yesterday released their report on Jung Min's showcase last July 12 at BLAZE Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The report is another lengthy one  which i hope again there will be translation that you may read HERE (in Japanese). One of the things from the article is worth mentioning here is that he said that there are quite a lot of acting offers for him in Korea. He also mentioned about 'Fondant Garden' being shown in Japan in August via DATV.

There are more than 50 photos shared in the portal which I am sharing here as well. but I will be showing to you first the photos of Jung Min in blue Peanuts Gang shirt and maroon fedora hat since there was no photo of him  from the previous photos that we have seen him wearing such attire.

And here are more photos of what we have seen earlier but this time it's from


Anonymous said...

jungmin lookks so cute! :D
is his problem with his company solved already ?

Anonymous said...

That is Jung Min.
Strong make-up and fancy costume.

quizzy said...

i really
like how he projects.. fierce! the eyes says it all!!
glad you are back.. and hope to see more of you in the future.. bogoshiippoo jungminshiii!!

Anonymous said...

Eyes that could speak, smile that lit the whole universe, cuteness overflowing & sexiness exploding. Yes, that's my Minie!!! ❤����

tetsu_girl said...

11:47, i totally agree!

it's as Jung Min said; he is NOT Romeo. there's no way that adorable, funny, charming sunshine boy is the same as dark, charismatic, magnetic, sexy sexy man. XD <3

thanks for sharing all the pix, liezle!