Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Notice from B2M] Details About Kyu Jong's Enlistment

Five more days to start our countdown to the day we meet Kyu Jong again.

Here is English translation of the details on the 23rd, the day Kyu Jong will also start counting down the days until we meet again.

Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation shared in Quainte501 and to SGNoonas.


[Trans] B2M Notice – Details about Enlistment on 23-July

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello. This is B2M Entertainment.

Here are the details about Kim KyuJong’s enlistment date and on-site details

- Enlistment Details -

23-July (Mon) 1pm at JeonJu Division 35 Training Centre

Before going in to the military unit at 12.30pm,
There will be a farewell greeting time with fans.

Farewell Greeting Venue : Empty lot at the busstop left of Main Entrance of JeonJu Division 35 Training Centre

(There will be FAN STAFF at the site to assist in guiding and arranging.)

** As per request from JeonJu Division 35 Training Centre, please refrain from going inside of the military unit.

There are many other people who are enlisted on that day too.
Thus we will expect the place to be congested, and seek for everyone’s cooperation.


Anonymous said...

Oh no the time for him to go is fast approching and im feeling nervous and lost but i have to wish him all the best and two years comes as fast as it goes soo good luck kyujong and be safe.....kyujong should say 'Asta la vista pretties' i will be back more handsome with muscles..hehehe

Anonymous said...

kyu jong must back handsomely..wait for him always..feel sad already..hurt to let him go

Anonymous said...

wish that I'll be there to give him a pretty big farewell salute...haiz...already missing him badly after watching the mv...

Anonymous said...

missing kyu so much T_T

Anonymous said...

My heart felt like knife jab at every second the clock ticks. Wish I could just make it stop!!! :'(((

Anonymous said...


I've read that the meeting place was changed to the car park at the right side of the main entrance.

Anonymous said...

Why do you cheat your intimate composer for your last song? I'm very sad.