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S/Tweet Treats from B2M 07.09.12

B2M released several tweets today concerning the release of Kyu Jong's 2nd mini album as well  details regarding the limited edition and regular CD. B2M also tweeted about Young Saeng's 3rd mini album in lieu of the re-package 'Crying'.

Here is @xiaochu1004's translation with regard to Kyu Jong's 2nd mini album and @odefiveonealert's translation about Young Saeng's 3rd mini album that I lifted in Twitter. Thanks much!


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 07.09.12
Korean to English translation by @xiaochu1004/Twitter

courtesy of @xiaochu1004...

[@b2ment twt trans] Kim KyuJong: mini album to be released on 13th is being sold at high prices in local and overseas websites. When the 3,000 limited edition with numberings has been sold out, you will be able to purchase normal editions too. We hope you won't purchase it via those vendors selling at higher prices. RT @b2ment: [김규종] 13일 발매되는 미니앨범이 현재 국내외 사이트에서 고가에 거래되고 있습니다. 초회한정넘버링이 기재되는 3,000장 소진시에도 넘버링이 제외된 일반반으로 구매가 가능하오니, 고가의 불법으로 판매하는 곳에서 구입하시는 일이 없도록 부탁드립니다.

[@b2ment twt trans] Kim KyuJong: difference between limited 3,000 copies edition and normal edition is just the numbering. All other specifications are the same. RT @b2ment: [김규종] Meet Me Again 초회반 3,000장과 일반반은 넘버링이 있고 없고의 차이입니다. 모든 사양은 똑같습니다. 참고하세요.

[@b2ment twt trans] Kim KyuJong 2nd mini album [meet me again] release date has been changed to 18july, release in online and offline stores. 18-jul (wed) release in both online and offline stores! RT @b2ment: [김규종] 김규종 2nd MINI Album [Meet Me Again]의 발매가 온오프라인 동시발매 일정으로 변경되어 7월 18일 온라인음원사이트에서 공개됨과 동시에 오프라인숍에서도 구입이 가능하게 되었습니다. 7월 18일(수) 온오프 동시발매!

Courtesy of @odefiveonealer...

[영생/Young Saeng] 『Crying』 Repackage album will not be released anymore. Instead, he will release new 3rd Korean mini-album in end-Sept.

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