Thursday, July 05, 2012

[Article, Vids & Pix] Hyun Joong's Guerilla Perf at Odaiba

Here are more from the guerilla performance of Hyun Joong yesterday at Odaiba.  Much thansk to jbarky of Soompi for the news translation, vids from two uploaders in YouTube and lyn for the nicely taken photos.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong Holds Guerrilla Concert
jbarky / Soompi News

Kim Hyun Joong surprised fans on July 4, the day of the release for his Japanese second single album “HEAT.” At 1PM, he held a guerrilla concert at the Odaiba Shiokaze Park. Although details of the guerilla concert were not released in advance, many fans gathered for the concert. The Kim Hyun Joong fans froze up the park.

At the guerrilla concert, he performed “Let’s Party” for the first time. The amount of fans at the event was nearly 1,000.

A representative at the event stated, “It is a rare event that so many individuals gathered together in the afternoon. We were able to witness the popularity of Kim Hyun Joong that he has been building up since his successful national tour last year, and the promotions for his debut album back in January, 2012.”

Kim Hyun Joong began his promotions for the second single album on July 3, with a handshake event. Nearly 5,000 fans attended the event.

I have shared last night video the surprise performance of Hyun Joong.  There are actually more and I am sharing here just few more for your enjoyment.  Thanks to all the uploaders.

Video courtesy of 's YouTube channel

Video courtesy of 's YouTube channel (Part 1)

Video courtesy of 's YouTube channel (Part 2)

Video courtesy of 's YouTube channel

And sharing here more photos from Odaiba Shiokaze Park which is in front of Gundam.  Thanks to @lyn0522 for sharing these nicely taken photos in Twitter.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the fantastic fancams. and beautiful pics from lyn

Anonymous said...

HJ has fun to sing and dance on the stress.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! It's un-announced event and yet fans gathered for almost 1thousand just to witness his single performance under the sun. Hyun joong is really one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

So cute and amazing HJ!

Anonymous said...

Really. It takes one hell of a star to garner that much attention. Go leader

Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck on this performance. I've watched it at least 50 times now and I'm still watching it. I love his facial expressions. He looked like he really enjoyed it. He sounds so cute singing, "Oh my God" and " I wanna carry you home." LOL