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[Trans] Tidbits from Kim Hyun Joong 2012 HEAT 07.15.12

I am certain a lot of fans are so curious to know more details from the premium events that Hyun Joong had with his fans in Japan yesterday. I am shoving here  BB’s (@baebb in Twitter) translation that I lifted from LoveKHJ of the fan accounts from Chinese to English in Weibo for English speaking fans.

Heaps of thanks to baebb as well as for allowing me to re-post here and to 王小猫 Neko and 弥凌伊 for the sharing.


[Trans] #1 Tidbits from Kim Hyun Joong 2012 HEAT 07.15.12

Original in Chinese: weibo 王小猫 Neko
Translated into English: BB

Note from baebb : i've done a simple trans for sharing: (posts are in chronological order, with the latest on top ^^)

The Japanese fans really did interact with him much. There's lotsa chemistry between them. When he's talking, everyone's just listening quietly. Everyone would only give their response loudly after the interpretation is done. For every single song, the fans were standing along with him, responding to him. The entire flow was about the same as the FMs. Everyone would only sit down when watching the screen and during the TALK session. When he's seated, then the fans would sit. When he's standing and dancing, the fans stood with him. Although it's tiring on the feet, the atmosphere was not bad.

He'd said something at the beginning about having desires and wishing to attain even better results and outcome the next time. He also said about making mental preparation for failure and also for times when the outcome's not as good. I've forgotten his exact phrasing and words. Somewhere in the middle, he also asked which song everyone wanted to hear. Someone said U. And then he (cheekily!) sad, "Ha? U? (some japanese words that the pink princess can't comprehend). The next song's XXX..." But during the final encore, it really was U! The Japanese fans really had it quite good! All thanks to them, finally listened to the full version of U LIVE.

HJ also said, ".... from the first to the second..." (Forgotten exactly what....) but he was trying to say he's gotten even better results from this second single as compared to the first. All of us have our desires and wants. I hope to do even better than this the next time around. Then he himself broke into a laugh, and also said he'd work hard to produce even better work for everyone. ( (It's roughly like this...! Kiddo, are you trying to hint that the fans have to show as much support the next round? Ahhh.... how did you know these things really do work very well on the fans?!)

Just thought of this. HJ said, "... will use a smaller stage to meet with everyone next time. Many people have traveled very far to come here..." (I'll just share whatever i can recall as and when they come to mind. I've already mixed up which came from the afternoon show and which from the evening show.) When asked how he felt when he had won first place on Oricon, he said, "It feels as though I were listening to other people's business..." ( (Kiddo, you have to believe in yourself!)

Q: Are there any roles you wish to challenge now?

A: As opposed to what roles I wish to challenge, I would like to challenge myself to work on my current role to the point of perfection. (Referring to the Baek Mir role in City Conquest, and I've forgotten what was said later...)

HJ said there seems to be more male fans these days. The emcee then told him he had to watch out, and everyone roared in laughter. He also said he wanna thank the leader of Artmatic.

His condition seemed better in the evening show. He himself also said medicine's really a good thing...

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[Trans] #2 Tidbits from Kim Hyun Joong 2012 HEAT 07.15.12
original in chinese: weibo 弥凌伊
translated into english: BB

1-2 At the venue (today), there were shouts from the fans 'Rida, kwenchanoyo' (Leader, it's alright). As he was listening to the fans' chants of encouragement, the expression on his face darkened and he cried. There and then, the fans all started screaming and shouting his name 'Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong...' Upon hearing these, he cried even harder, and he used a towel to wipe his tears and perspiration.

HJ: My condition's not good today, but I will give all of my energy and might. And as sort of an apology for today, I'll also sing a song (for you) accoustic. kwenchanoyo'

1-1 HJ: Today (I was) late for an hour, sorry. Is everyone upset and angry? Or are you planning to lodge a complaint with the agency? Even as the jokes come.... but... I'm supposedly a professional entertainer, and I can't even manage (my/the) condition in an effective manner, I feel really really sorry.

Emcee: Heard that you've been training up your physique and building muscles. So after this, are there any special body parts that you're thinking to focus the training on?

HJ: Special... (body parts)... because there's no real need to continue, I will not be doing any trainign in this aspect... (his reply sent everyone into bouts of laughter) Besides, it's also rather difficult and tiring to maintain my current physique, so I will (just) work hard to maintain it.

Emcee: (with a wry smile) Ah.... so it's like this... Hyun Joong-san is really interesting...

HJ: Due to the drama filming that is still carrying on, even if we're not able to meet, I'll still like to ask everyone to be patient and bear with it. I feel the same as everyone, and I hope until the next time we meet, all of you will be healthy, and be working hard at things that you're supposed to be doing. We will meet again after the TV drama, maybe during the promotion activities for the TV drama.

liezle : I am adding here great shot from the premium event courtesy of Nate.

I am ending this post with this video showing a sea of green lights from and a video of Hyun Joong crying from .


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lieze. His concert news is everywhere and I am so happy watching everyone of them. He looks so happy in all the photos and seemed to enjoying himself so much eventhough he was not feeling 100% fit for the show. Poor HJ. As always he never fails to amaze all his fans.
he is one hell of charismatic entertainer and of course human being. Go leader.

Anonymous said...

I cry and feel painful.
Hyun Joong ah, please rest well.

Shita Azkarina said...

oppa please rest well, we worried about u