Saturday, July 07, 2012

[Vids] Kyu Jong at 'God of Cookery' Filming 07.06.12

Here are two videos of Kyu Jong taken by 안녕, 왕자님 [] from the filming site of 'God of Cookery'.

Kyu Jong as always is Mr. Nice as he always interacts with fans by doing cute stuff for them when he knows he is being filmed.

Check out these videos.  Please DO NOT edit and re-upload videos in any streaming sites including YouTube.

Btw, regarding Kyu Jong's new single, here is a bit of info re-tweeted by @501wangja.

Kyu Jong's new single will be available online at music sites from 13/7 n offline at stores from 16/7

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Anonymous said...

I would just take the opportunity here to complain about some fans that prefer to be selfishly possessive with their idols instead of sharing information regarding drama locations etc with other fans; sharing infos as well as sharing the love for our favourite artists is the whole point of us having blogs. Yesterday i saw my friend, one of the best and most giving Triple S around, be sadden by the fact fans on KJ's drama set did not wanted to share the info and let her know where the shooting was. Guys, let's be kind and share with others Triple S! The more the merrier!!!!