Friday, July 27, 2012

[Vids & Pix] Hyun Joong Zipped Off to Bangkok 07.27.12

A few minutes ago, Hyun Joong arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport. He is in Bangkok for the scheduled fan meeting tomorrow. Here are a fancam taken from Incheon when Hyun Joong left earlier. And I added in this post (@1:25am) media pix from (@pingbooknews)

Much thanks to for sharing the video in YouTube.  Thanks to veggiedelight for the email.

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Another video courtesy of shared in Twitter.  Thanks to @rainaftershine for the tip on Twitter.

Below video is courtesy of .

Following are photos from kimhyunjoon24  taken at Incheon as well.

Media photos of Hyun Joong's arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport courtesy of  Thanks again to veggiedelight for the email.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous baby! Loving his current fetish with sleeveless tops! He sure has the droolicious body and arms to flaunt^^^

Anonymous said...

woah he doesn't look too happy, in fact he looks really grumpy. is it due to the weather? or is he travelling too much? anyway i didn't know about FM in bangkok. was it announced?

Anonymous said...

Yea, it's announced 1.5 months ago.
Fans in Vietnam, Hongkong have been ordered tickets since 23-Jun.

Anonymous said...

Omg Hyun Joong is handsome in spite of his deadly tight schedules.

Anonymous said...

Airport security is handsome like a movie star