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[Trans] Jung Min's Long Interview in TVFan (Japan)

At times like this every littlest thing about Jung Min is precious. As I have shared with some of my friends, fans (regardless who they're idol is) who unselfishly share with us  anything about our idol/s give free marketing service (hee, management companies should at least acknowledge them).  Without them, would it be possible for their artist/s to be known worldwide? 

This is another example of a free marketing service by a fan.

Since news about Jung Min is very very limited because of the lawsuit he filed against his management company we can only rely to fans to do the PR-ing.  With this, I have been very thankful to @charismajo of Park Jung Min International Fans Club for sharing a lot of translation of Jung Min's Japan activities in English for the overseas fans.

Here is another long translation of Jung Min's interview before the ROMEO showcase in Japan regarding 'Fondant Garden' which will be shown in Japan in August.

After you have read the long translation, do check out how you can give encouragement to Jung Min at the end of this post.


[Trans]Park Jung Min “Love without boundaries, like those in dramas”

Chinese Translation: ALLFORPJM
Chinese to English: 피오나@PJMIFC, charismajo@PJMIFC
Proof-reading: 피오나@PJMIFC
Redirect with full credit [ Park Jung Min International Fans Club ]

Park Jung Min, the member of SS501 who was recognized as “Sexy Charisma” by himself and the others, had participated in a Taiwanese drama “Fondant Garden” besides his singer career. As the only Korean actor in the shooting scene and needed to act with the Taiwan actors, all the people at the scene were a bit nervous. However, his bright smiles and straight out words and deeds let the staffs felt like one family. With his bright personality, he could flexibility adapted well in any country. He also told us, in fluent Japanese, funny stories during the filming and some personal stories.

Believe in the director, So decide to perform

Q.         How did the chance come to perform in the Taiwanese drama “Fondant Garden”?
A.         Angie Chai, the main director, took care of me and told me to perform in the drama she wanted to make. I was very grateful and so I decided to perform in it.

Q.        Since Angie Chai is a great direct, did she tell you how you have attracted her?
A.        Um…. My appearance for sure. (Laughter) Since we have met before, I think she knows my personality. And I have participated in the entertainment shows in Taiwan. So there was such suggestion.

Q.        How did you feel when you decided to perform in the drama?
A.         In fact, at that time, the script for the first chapter was not yet finished. But I thought it would be good enough if I believed in Angie Chai and worked. Normally, if we performed in oversea dramas, we would make decision after half of the whole transcript came out. Then we would wait until the whole transcript done and edited before we shot the drama. However, at that time, the situation was that the script for the first chapter was not yet finished. Since I believed in Angie Chai, I did it. (performed in the drama)

Q.        How long had you been shooting in Taiwan?
A.        Around 8 months. During that period, we shot in Korea too. So the exact time would be around half a year. Since we came back and fro between Korea and Taiwan for filming, there was no gap between the actors and staffs and we felt like “We are in a team”. The atmosphere was nice and we had a nice time together.

Q.        You have oversea shooting in Japan too. How do you feel about oversea shooting?
A.         In Korea and Japan, after we film the first episode, we will then film the second and third. However, for Taiwanese drama, we have all the production work done before broadcast. So, we may shoot the first scene in Ep 1, with the eighth scene in Ep16, or with the fifth scene in Ep 8 all together. Moreover, the writers for each episode are different. In fact, there are three writers writing their parts. Therefore, I did not know how the story started at that time. When I read the first Episode, I would read the 8th Episode immediately and I would felt like unit drama and asked “Why is it like that?” The story was put together with the pieces we had shot before.

Q.         Heard that your acting skill has been improved?
A.        The explosive force for a short time exists and the acting experience has been improved.

Q.        So, you can act without preparation?
A.        For a little gag scene, I can act without preparation. But I don’t know how to act next. For the story flow in drama, I will not apply acting without preparation.

Q.         Although I have just watched till Ep 2, I feel that the cheerful character of XiHuan is exact the same as JungMin’s . So do you feel that there are many similarities between the two?
A.        Only Ep 2! Hahahah~ Until EP 2, there was still the cheerful JungMin. But it was not like what you thought as the story went on. Please look forward! He would become serious… If I was him, it would be nice to have such changes.

Actors and staffs treat each other like family members

Q.        Since JungMin’s character is bright, so you should be able to adapt even in any country, right?
A.        Probably. I can get close with the director, the vice director and the staffs quickly.

Q.        In the past, you had told us “There’s almost no language barrier”. So what is the necessary thing for learning a language?
A.        I think “Communication is the most important thing”. What is the emotion that the direct wants, what did he say, you will feel hard to understand it by yourself. However, the staffs and other actors will teach you a lot.

Q.        When you communicate with other actors and staffs, which language will you use? Chinese? English?
A.        Mainly Chinese. However, for things I don’t know, there will be a translator and I will rely on the others. Even there is Chinese dubbing, sometimes I won’t speak Korean and say the lines in Chinese directly. If it is not in Chinese, other actors won’t know what you are talking about.

Q.        How do you feel when you act with Wang ChuanYi, who acts as your brother?
A.        He taught me a lot of things in acting and is a nice man. He knows a little bit Japanese. Since most of the stories were in Taiwan, he taught me much Chinese. And I also taught him Japanese and Korean.

Q.         How well is JungMin’s Chinese?
A.        Wowo…. I can only understand simple daily conversations. The level is approximately of a 6 year old child.

Q.         Through the dramas, you have love relationship with Japanese female and Taiwanese female. In reality, do you want to cross over the nationality and language and have a romance?
A.        Of course. There is no boundary for love. If there is a chance, I would like to try.

Q.        The story talks a bout the love story of 4 persons based on cakery. Which kind of cake does JungMin like?
A.        Recently, I like banana cake. Although it is made by a Korean shop, I don’t know that we can only buy it in that shop. And since the cake is handmade, we cannot take away. We can only eat it there. Although the name of the shop is called “Banana Pudding Cake”, it is not real pudding. There is normal banana flavor cream with banana in it. And there is some biscuits for decoration. It is really delicious. The shop located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. I always go there.

Q.        In the drama, there were always cakes made. Did you eat them often?
A.        In fact, I don’t really like icy cake. (Laughter) In the past I liked cheese cake, but I don’t like it now. For example muffin, do you like it? I will sometimes eat sweet food, but I am not holic in it.

Q.        During the rest time, what will you eat?
A.        I have no worry in meals. There are Korean cuisine and Japanese cuisine. Taiwanese cuisine is also very tasty. During the rest time, I would chat with the other actors and learn languages together.

Q.        Do you still have contact with them now?
A.        When HanXian (Wang ChuanYi) came to play in Korea, we had meals together. Also, I contact with MiEn (Jian ShuMan) through mails. For her mails, I can barely say it contains words. In fact, they are all images. (Laughter)

Q: Fondant Garden will be aired since August. What do you think we should focus on?
A: Of course Park Jung Min! Any part of Park Jung Min. (Laughter) Please look forward to this unexpected storyline after ‘’The Sixth Sense’’ (classical movie in the USA).

Admire girls who have long hair, have the same thing to laugh with and filial

Q: You have acted as the son of a tycoon this time. What do you want to act next?
A: Someone who is similar to me. It’s ok to have a cheerful character. Or someone who has a strong sense of existence. A mysterious character is also interesting.

Q: Do you plan to comeback as a singer in Korea?
A: “A new album to be released by the end of this year, or next year!” I’ve been thinking and planning a lot of things now.

Q: How do you compose songs?
A: At first, I will listen to the songs that I received and think on how to write the lyrics. Actually, I write the lyrics according to the experiences in my daily life, I will imagine “If it is good” or “if this kind of difference exists” and write them down at the same time. For example, a word can be recalled due to some lines of an old work. And then I will have a lot of ideas, and write the lyrics which matches with the songs. But there are many ways to do so.

Q: Do you stay at your home or in a coffee shop when you write the lyrics?
A: Yes, I can be very relaxed and concentrated when I’m at home. You will definitely hum the song when you are thinking no matter where you are in. Even the script can be memorized easily when you are in some quiet places.

Q: Right, I heard that there is a rookie just debuted in Japan who is similar to Jung Min. Have you heard of it?
A: Yes, I heard so! The name sounds so bad. Although he may not be as handsome as me, fans and others said he looks handsomer than me, I’m still mad about this. Seems like there will be a showcase tomorrow; I will go and see if he mimics me or not. (Laughter)

Q: Just like the sun and the moon, I heard that (ROMEO) is a different kind of singer as Jung Min right?
A: Ah? What, this… (Laughter) Hahahaha~ of course, different people have different charisma. He surely has some charisma different from me (Laughter). But as a “Sexy Charisma”, I will not be replaced in this point. I can let people feel close and the actually-existing Sexy Charisma.

Q: (You) have been to Japan for many times. What kind of food and places do you like in Japan?
A: When I arrived at Japan, I wanted to eat Azabu Ramen immediately. In the past, I used to live near Tamachi, so I know many shops there. Ramen, grill meat, udon, fried pork chop etc. When I first came to Japan, staffs who came along with me would go there together. For places I like…roads in Tamachi also nice (Laughter). For places like Harajuku, Omotesando, Jiyugaoka and Aoyama, I will sometimes go to the boutique and department stores there.

Q: Vice versa, which place will you introduce to people who go to Korea for the first time?
A: In fact, for tasty food, I want to eat good cooked by my mum most. I really like the food she cooks. So, if staffs come to Korea, I will definitely invite them to my home for once.

Q: What kind of girls do you like?
A: Long hair…(starting to notice the hair style of the surrounding staffs) For character, I like those who can laugh with me, careful and respect her parents.

Q: There were 4 bodyguards in the drama. If you really lived in such situation…
A: That’s good. I like constraints. If there is no constraint, it will be like…

Q: What a surprising answer! Is it still okay if she calls you every 10 minutes and asks ‘where are you’?
A: If it is really like this, it is really annoying. (Laughter) But I won’t do that to my girlfriend, I will give her freedom.

Q: Is that also OK if she goes to meet another man?
A: Maybe, but if she is deeply addicted in me, she won’t do this!

Q: Please tell your fans about your plans in the future.
A: This is a drama with an unexpected storyline ever since the movie “The Sixth Sense”. Please support and watch the drama. Also, Park Jung Min will keep working hard as a singer and an actor. Please give your full support. And please take care of your health.

*”Fondant Garden’” will be aired from 4th August (Saturday) at 10pm on DATV in Japan.

Part 10/10
*Park Jung Min:
Born on 3rd April 1987. 183 CM. O blood type. Claiming as Sexy Charisma.
Debuted as a singer with SS501 in 2005. Solo debuted in 2010 in Korea. Released ‘’NOT ALONE’’ in 2011 and received No.1 on the chart in Taiwan. Participated in  musical and drama in Japan as well, the latest drama is “Fondant Garden’” in Taiwan. Expected to release new single in Japan in 2012 autumn.
Japan Official Website:

The second personality of Park Jung Min who has temporarily stopped group activites as SS501. An artist who is created with top producer in Japan. Maybe like a superman who lives inside Jung Min (an intelligent life form). Park Jung Min--- cannot suppress the excitement and wakes up in the midnights, but vanishes under the sun. ‘’Give Me Your Heart’’ will be released on 5th September 2012 in Japan prior to Korea, China and the whole world. “Tonight’s the Night” will be released as 2nd single on 31st October. Planned to hold concerts in Tokyo and Osaka in December.


Btw, have you see the English translation of the petition of Korean fans of Jung Min that was posted yesterday.  They were actually soliciting signatures for the petition and today they were able to get all the signatures that they need.  

You may check HERE to read what is it all about and participate in the message writing for Jung Min.


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it pains my heart everytime I read about all the things he had to go thru alone and yet still putting on a smile in order not to make us worry. JungMin-ah, you are so so precious to us. We just want you to be happy always. Be strong and know that we will support you always and forever.

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Really thankful to @charismajo and all fans who spend their free time translating Jungmin`s interviews and news,I know it`s not an easy job.

Anon @8:31 said everything I feel about JungMin,I just want him to be happy.

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CNR Media. It is a company set up by Taiwan Comic-Ritz and Korea Roy Media. - Isn't Comic-Ritz belongs to Angie Chai?? JM trusted her and yet she did this to him??!! Oh I'm SOOOOOO MADDD!!!!

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'Although [ROMEO] may not be as handsome as me, fans and others said he looks handsomer than me, I’m still mad about this.'


'But as a “Sexy Charisma”, I will not be replaced in this point.'

Ha ha ha! Adorable.