Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong - Japanese Mobile Site

I am shoving here from Babyfan's Blog (loads of thanks!), English translation of Digital Adventure's (DA) staff blog entry posted on the Japan Mobile Blog regarding the guerrilla performances of Hyun Joong that happened early on.

[Eng Trans]Kim Hyun Joong – Japan Mobile Site Blog Entry
eng trans :

Good afternoon~ this is staff T from digital adventure.
After Behind The Scenes stories from Osaka and Nagoya, here are photos from performances in Nagoya.

First one is from Sunshine Sakae~

As seen in the photo, what a great number of people were present!!!
Everyone was so near, seem to be very happy? (?’)/

Next one is from Central Park

Performing in a beautiful park under the shades of green trees, displaying a very happy moment of Hyun Joong dancing.
Stripe shirt suits Hyun Joong’s refreshing image well.

Lastly, photo from Oasis 21.

Here, Hyun Joong is singing and dancing with a lively expression!!!
Look at this photo filled with smile~

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Anonymous said...

Hyun joong's dancing is really catchy.
I'm so excited when watching his lively dance.
HJ is the best dancer in comparing with others.