Monday, July 23, 2012

[Vids] Kyu Jong Send Off 07.23.12

This is just one fan of the many which I believe will be shared by fans later. Will be shoving more once available.

Much thanks to for uploading this in YouTube. Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.

Meanwhile, B2M and Hyung Jun tweeted right after the send off the following. Much thanks to @xiaochu1004 for the translation.
B2M : Kim Kyu Jong please return healthily! Meet Me Again!

HyungJun87 : my dear KyuJong... Have a safe journey (in military). Strive on . Hwaiting!

Adding few more vids as promised (hee, though late already)

I just noticed that,  that Kyu Jong is fighting back his tears when he removed his cap and made a salute.

From the YouTube channel  of

Amongst the fan vids that I saw this is the best so far. HeStory never fails. I hope someone can translate this.

courtesy of [김규종의 히스토리(]


Misuk said...

If I'm not wrong, saranghaneun should be translated as 'my lovely' and not 'my dear'. Even though it may seem similar, its not what it meant so accuracy should be observed when translating. Nevertheless, thank you for the hard work.

Anonymous said...

i cried after watching it 3 times. our precious Kyu.. his song Thankyu also made me cry. he is one who is very pure at heart. everything he does is pure and with good intentions, he remembers peoples who have helped him and supported him ;)
i'll wait for him while missing him everyday ;)
SS501 love you all! they are truly brothers :D

@1:41 pm
saranghaneun can also mean 'my dear' or 'my beloved' and the one you stated ^^

Anonymous said...

I understand the emotion but fans should be proud he is honoring his duty as citizen of SK compared to others who only think of getting out of the duty even to the point of using a lot of excuses.

I think he left his enough of his work that fans may go to when they feel lonely.

Don't worry he'd be back in the entertainment field sooner than you think. If it is of any consolation all of them will have to go sooner or later. Just that he went first.

That going out first make me remember something.How come he gets to be given a rousing farewell but not someone? Those who get what I'm trying to point out know.Anyhow its just a thought.