Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Vid] Kyu Jong MV for 'My Precious One' is Out!

Prior to his enlistment next week Kyu Jong released the MV for 'My Precious One' which is a song from his 2nd mini album 'Meet Me Again'.

The MV is uploaded in now uploaded in B2M Entertainment Official YouTube channel. Do check it out. Like to video if you may.

As you watch the video imagine yourself as the lady that Kyu Jong is having a date with and spending precious time in a beautiful weather. Kyu Jong doing aegyo, making you feel love and expressing to you sincerely his feeling through his singing.

Please DO NOT re-upload video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

Sigh... I confess watching the video made me teary. I tried my best to contain myself but it just so happen. The MV hit me so hard that I cannot deny anymore that I am not affected and that I will not miss Kyu Jong.

P.S. Download Kyu Jong's 'Meet Me Again' in Soriba. You may click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Even KyuJongie is not my bias, but I cried after watching this mv. Gosh, I'm gonna miss him. :'(

Anonymous said...

I see the moves from A Song Calling for You, Warning & U R Man...<3 Kyu Jong is so sweet...
Makes me wanna cry watching this.

mishelle said...

really like how they filmed the MV, using an unknown face will make fans less jealous at the same time allow fans to imagine they're the girl, ingenious! kyu has been my bias for the past 3 years and yes i will miss him lots. but knowing everything is only temporary make me feel better :')

Anonymous said...

This video is so precious..and i can see ASCFY and Warning step here ^_^...sigh 6 days left,what should i do? T_T one more thing, he sings this song beautifully and i love this song :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh...I miss sweet Kyu Jong already!!!!