Saturday, July 14, 2012

[Vid & Pix] Prettyboy at the Filming Site of 'God of Cookery' 07.13.12

Prettyboy took nice photos of Hyung Jun from the set of 'God of Cookery'. The shutterbug of the fanclub  also took a very good snapshot of Hyung Jun, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong heartily laughing. Thanks much for sharing!

Also there is this cute video that was uploaded in wherein the Hyung Jun and Young Saeng (Kyu Jong can't be seen in the cam) danced U R Man. Check this out.

Adding here more photos which came from the tweet of @juyeun31

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Anonymous said...

omagosh!! i love them!!
they even introduced themselves as SS501~ ^o^
and the u r man dance..seems like they forgot the steps already..haha