Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[Vids & Pix] Hyun Joong in Japan Again 07.24.12

Hyun Joong is in Japan again to resume filming for 'City Conquest'.

Hyun Joong went back to Korea on the evening of the 22nd for a some other activity and went back this afternoon to Japan.

Here are few photos and a video shared by veggiedelight in my inbox.  Thanks!

Departure photos from Gimpo lifted from the tweets of @Raphael0606.

At Haneda courtesy of @khjean14.

From the RT of @_tomato99 which was tweeted by @matotake.

Hyun Joong arriving Haneda.  Thanks to for sharing in YouTube.

Adding another vid from . Thanks to @_tomato99 for the tip!


Anonymous said...

woah look at his biceps lol. anyway i wonder if he came back just to meet up with kyu? hmm.

Anonymous said...

No resting?
Poor Hyun Joong.
He pushes himself too hard.
Please be healthy.
We are by you forever.

Anonymous said...

So tight schedules. Hyun Joong hwaiting!! Always support you!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on both counts. The timing was right to meet Kyu Jong, so it is very possible, ya? Glad it is summer and we get to see him in sleeveless tops that emphasize those biceps ^^

Anonymous said...

Nice outfit.
Love his stylish.
Can't wait for his drama.