Saturday, July 07, 2012

[Info] Something About ROMEO on 07.12.12

For Triple S, there are so much things to look forward to next week. One of which, though can only be limited to some, is the release of Jung Min's first song ringtone download. Though only limited to Japanese fans, we are still hoping that it will be shared since many have been looking for new stuff about Jung Min.

Here are details of the relase of ringtone download from ROMEO website. Much thanks to @501wangja for the English translation on Twitter and to @rainaftershine for the screencap.

[PJM ]ROMEO 1st SONG ringtone download release on 2012.7.12
English translation courtesy of @501wangja / Twitter

ROMEO 1st SONG beginning with Rekochoku, will be released at all major online music sites
Iphone users can download via itunes

Limited to Rekochoku

ROMEO special present
 Available only for one day on 12 Jul from 0:00~23:59, purchase 3 ringtones from Rekochoku and you'll receive ROMEO original handphone screensaver!


tetsu_girl said...

omg can't wait! Jung Min!!

Wow there's something from each SS501 member this month~
Hyun Joong - Heat
Hyung Jun - Escape
Jung Min - Romeo
Kyu Jong - Meet Me Again
Young Saeng - Solo (repackaged)

TripleS never feel bored or neglected while waiting for SS501's reunion. there's always something to look forward to and all our boySS to cheer for. ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor TS' piggy banks this month. LOL Good luck to them all!

Anonymous said...

I love SS501 ,.I like this month very much ^^

Anonymous said...

please minnie dont use that mask again ive got a fright its freaking scary