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[Trans] KStyle Interview with Jung Min

Heaps of thanks again to @charismajo of Park Jung Min International Fans Club for another long translation of an article of Jung Min from KStyle.

Earlier, I shared videos and new photos of Jung Min from the interview.  You may check them HERE if you miss the post.

Well, there seems to be something to look forward to in Autumn form Jung Min.  He mentioned again drama and other activities.  So let's just keep on waiting and soon we our cravings for Jung Min will soon be over.

[Trans] Park Jung Min – “Witness the competition with ROMEO. I won’t lose!’’
Chinese Translation: ALLFORPJM
Chinese to English: charismajo@PJMIFC
Proof-reading: 피오나@PJMIFC
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“ROMEO”, a mysterious artist who determined to debut on 5th September --- Besides Korea, he gained popularity due to lots of activities in Japan and Taiwan, etc. Although he (ROMEO) was named as “another personality” of Park Jung Min, he didn’t show us the entire thing.

Park Jung Min, who appeared in the “ROMEO 1st Contact” showcase on the 12th July, had an interview regarding the way ROMEO would show his charisma in the future and the way to publish CDs as “Park Jung Min”, and also about the keywordslike “songs”, “rest”, “fans” and “ROMEO”.

Q:        Jung Min’s songs, especially the ballad songs, gained a lot of good comments from fans. You sang them with all your hearts, right?
A:        As I wrote the lyrics myself based on my experiences and imaginations, I will sing them with all my emotions and with a serious attitude.

Q:        Did it happen often that you write the lyrics based on the real experiences?
A:        Half half. Half of them were experiences, another half were imaginations. Speaking about my own experiences, if I recall the memories when I sing, it will be easier for me to sing the songs with my emotions, and I will be more concentrated.

Q:        Jung Min’s voice, because of the low-pitch, can easily penetrate others heart with ballad songs. And the Japanese lyrics are very beautiful as well. Is there anything you will pay attention on when you sing in Japanese?
A:        Thank you. It’s very happy (to hear what you have said) (Laughter). Things to be noticed… Actually, there isn’t anything that I will pay more attention on. I won’t think like “This is Japanese songs, and so Japanese”. Instead I will focus on the lyrics. So there won’t be something like a switch for Japanese or Korean in my mind. For the mood of the song, as I will concentrate on the point “This line has such meaning, and it’s my feeling”, so I won’t have anything differentiation between “Japanese and Korean”. 

Q:        Then, is there any part that you have to pay attention on the pronunciation?
A:        At first, I focused on the pronunciation intentionally. But as I always focused on this, it made thing worse. Therefore, I practiced a lot and relaxed when I performed. For Koreans, especially the pronunciation of “つ” (pronounce as “chi” in Japanese) and “づ” (pronounce as “zi”) are very difficult. So I practiced a lot during the recording and recorded them over and over again. Then, I performed freely when I was on the stage.

Q:        Thanks to those efforts and works. So Jung Min won’t be confused with “つ” and “づ” now, right?
A:        It’s better now. Yes, I don’t have to pay attention to them now. (Laughter)

Q:        Apart from Korea, you have worked hard for activities in Japan and Taiwan. As you are so busy every day, you should have a certain amount of stress, right? How do you relieve from your stresses?
A:        I didn’t really relieve them…Stresses are just piling up (Laughter). But…how to say? I can forget my stresses if I sleep or clean up (the room). I usually sleep more. As long as I am asleep, stresses will be gone. There must be some reasons for pressure. I will figure it out and deal with it. If not, my pressures will keep piling up…For example, if the reason is “I feel stressful because of someone”, then I should go to talk with him~(Laughter) Although I will feel stressful at that time, I will be relieved after that, and I will make things clearer, and start fooling around again. (Laughter)

Q:        Don’t you choose to do exercise apart from sleeping?
A:        Recently…I didn’t do exercise (Laughter) But, as I’m going to debut, so I just work out a little bit.

Q:        Is the day near that we can see the abs of Jung Min?
A:        Hoot…still a long way to go… (Laughter)

Q:        As seen in the ROMEO’s MV of “Tonight’s the Night”, we were shocked to see your abs. Is that the outcome of your work out?
A:        Ah, that time~ (Laughter) But, there is no big difference…Is that what everyone think? (Laughter) Ah, because that was not me. That wasn’t me! (Laughter)

Q:        He’s ROMEO, sorry~ (Laughter) You came to Japan this time, and there were a lot of activities overseas, so what are the items that you must have in your bag? Such as, things you must bring along with you from Korea.
A:        First, it is the mobile phone, and the wallet, cash (Laughter), credit cards, and…hand cream, because my hands are always dry. Also, the face mask, the chewing gum.

Q:        Surprise to have those necessaries! (Laugterh) Is there anything you will feel uncomfortable with if you lost it?
A:        Hand cream. And, lip balm. If any part of my body is dry, I can’t stand it. Wu ru o ru? (Translator’s tips: the correct pronunciation is wu ru o wu, “Park Language” can’t remember the word sometimes…) Moisture! I love the feeling of moisture. Wu ru o ru Jung Min (Laughter) wu ru o ru…wu ru ru? (Translator tips: Park language starts teasing again) (Everyone laughs)

Q:        If you have a break in Japan, where do you want to go and what you want to do? Besides, where must you go if you come to Japan?
A:        Places where I must go…”Azabu Ramen” (Laughter) I went there immediately again when I arrived in Japan this time. Once I arrived in the airport, I went to eat ramen there before heading to the hotel, and then I went to the hotel for check in. The taste was similar to those in Korea, but was not exactly the same. I love the taste of pork soup. For other places that I want to go…Although I always come to Japan to work, there was a period that I came here not for working, but to travel with my family for hot spring. Since I wanted to visit other places at that time, so I didn’t enjoy it slowly. If I still have holidays, I won’t go anywhere, but just stay in the hot spring (Laughter) and then go to watch movies or TV, and pass the day relaxingly.

Q:        Where had you been for hot spring so far?
A:        I had been to Hakone and Atami before…Recently, I went to Unzen in Nagasaki, but I didn’t really enjoy it~ There were some similar hot spring locations in Taiwan. I like JjimJillBang (Korean sauna) as well. Because my friend runs a JjimJillBang, so we will go there together since secondary school~(Laughter) Now I have overseas activities, but the shop is in Korea. So I didn’t have many chances to go there. And so I always go for hot springs if I’m overseas.

Q:        Hot spring gives you power. So, when will you feel the power from your fans?
A:        When I’m singing. I worked even harder if I heard fans’ screaming. When I saw many people welcoming me in the airport, I will feel “it’s good to be here”.

Q:        There were a lot fans welcoming you when you came to Japan few days ago.
A:        As the time is sort and I can’t meet them all. I’m very grateful for fans who came to welcome me. Also, I’m regretted that I couldn’t greet them all as the securities are strict. I wanted to shake everyone’s hands and sign…For the Japan trip this time, I wanted to greet my fans so I walked quite slowly, and the securities got mad~(Laughter) Since the fans were waiting at two sides of the road, the securities said “Please go this way”, so I couldn’t greet them all. I felt very sorry as they came to welcome me at night. 

Q:        Jung Min’s cute airport fashion has turned to be an interesting topic among fans.
A:        I wore shorts this time, so everyone can see my skin, right? (Laughter) I don’t really wear shorts usually because I can get sick easily. So if the weather is cool, I won’t wear it absolutely. In the other way round, that will be fine if the weather is hot!

Q:        This time, Jung Min also went to support ROMEO’s Showcase. His performance was very wonderful.
A:        Having charisma as a character is good. And I heard that fans were so hyper and loved him so much (Laughter). The ROMEO’s debut song “Give Me Your Heart” was very rock, and very attractive. I’m also the kind of person that I sing true-heartedly with emotion, so we are alike, haha (Laughter)

Q:        There was someone who looks like you. Are you mad with this?
A:        I was mad yesterday. After reading the photos, I thought we really looked similar. Although he is very handsome and very competitive, I won’t lose this competition!

Q:        During the event, the screaming was really loud when Jung Min made his appearance.
A:        It’s been a long time since I saw my fans, I was really very happy. I really wanted to sing very much, but, I can’t sing without accompaniment, I’m very sorry.

Q:        What is your plan in the future?
A:        I’m currently negotiating love calls from movies and dramas, so I’m still choosing from the scripts. Maybe in the autumn or winter this year, everyone can see “Park Jung Min” as a singer and an actor. Challenging ROMEO is also a happy thing. 

Q:        So we can see Jung Min active for the mean time. Lastly, please say a few words to your fans.
A:        The most important thing is to be healthy. If you are not, then you can’t come to the events to support me and cheer for me. So I want my fans to be healthy. That’s all. I will continue to work hard as a singer and an actor. Please show me all your support! 

Jung Min, who cares a lot for the health of his fans, will have a lot of activities in Japan. Please look forward to them! Thank you very much.


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BIG thanks to those whom had taken the efforts to do the translations and BIG thanks to Liezle for sharing this to us. Really appreciates your hard work. At least now we could understand what the interview contents. :)

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