Sunday, May 01, 2011

05.01.11 S/Tweet Treats

If there is one person outside of SS501 that I like who is very close to them is their manager HyeongJin. He may look strict but since joining Twitter I discovered that he's funny and cares for the members of SS501 though three are no longer under his care.

I remember seeing him in Seoul going alone one night in Jaksal. During that night, Jaksal was closing their restaurant much earlier than the usual time. My friends and I thought that there will be some sort of party at the backyard as we saw the place being set up. Hee, we also thought that Hyun Joong was there. ^^

It's 5.01 Day today and I had a great 5.01 today. Kyu Jong of course did not fail to great TS. Jung Min tweeted that he's missing someone. Could it be us TS? I do believe so.

Read today's translation courtesy of xiaochu posted on Quainte501.


[Trans] 05.01.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

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2011-05-01 @ 2:45 PM
hyeongjin2 01 May~~~ This is a day which is very meaningful. From 2005 to 2011...... Even though now everyone is doing their own activities, in your hearts you have always been cherishing the words 501. For me, because all of you are precious. HyunJoong YoungSaeng KyuJong JungMin HyungJun Hwaiting!!!!

2011-05-01 @ 3:21 PM
2kjdream 01 May 501 day ! Hello!!! We are ss 501~~~~!!!!!!!

2011-05-01 @ 3:59 PM
JungMin0403 I miss you....

2011-05-01 @ 3:22 PM
2kjdream @hyeongjin2 I love you !! ma bro~~^^Thanks hee Always thank you~~~ Hyung, you look like your age now when I first met you heehee Time flies right..?!! !! heehee

2011-05-01 @ 3:52 PM
hyeongjin2 @2kjdream keke You will know when you become like my age keke Call me later~~~

2011-05-01 @ 6:33 PM
parkmaehee @hyeongjin2 @2kjdream KyuJong somehow doesn't seems to age

2011-05-01 @ 8:43 PM
mastadoo @2kjdream kekeke Congrats KyuJong bro~~^^


Anonymous said...

thanks for the trans and post.

I really love this manager his words are so meaningful and caring.
Kyu is so nice to introduce himself as ss501 in this special day! he knows the fans wishes.

always love the ss501 boys they are such good people even their ex manager confirms that and conveys his love for all of them.

Anonymous said...

yes definitely heartwarming! i didnt realize 501 day means 1st may, i thought today is their anniversary! anyway hyeongjin has never come across as strict or fierce to me i guess its coz the 1st time i came to know him was in thank you for waking me up. in one of the episodes, kyung lim said something like why did u move here, its so difficult to find yr dormitory then hyeongjin said kyujong complained the floor was too hot. then kyunglim said "but kyujong said the floor is too cold now", hyeongjin said "then we'll move again next week!" i couldn't stop laughing lol

Anonymous said...

Hyeong Jin manager is soo sweet!! so is kyu jong!! as always, he's our sweet eternal center! i really love how he regularly uses SS501 pics as his DP on Twitter =)

Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min & Hyung Jun hwaiting!!!
I hope everyone had a good 501 Day:)