Monday, May 02, 2011

[Vid & Pix] ] JungMin's Arrivial @ Gimpo 05.01.11

Jung Min arrived last night after a few days in Japan for the Friends Whistle Act Tomorrow and other activities. p-jungmin was at the airport to welcome him back in Korea. Here's a video and photo taken at Gimpo Airport.

What else is there to say, Jung Min is always so nice to fans. He wins everyone's admiration with this personality.


Anonymous said...

Jung Min is the sweetest. He gives fans attention for every second, not just til he's left and can't see them, but even after until they can't see him or his waving hand anymore. Such a small gesture, but it means a lot that he cares enough to always do it just to make fans happy. <3

Btw, Daum isn't working for me, but I found the fancam on YT:

Anonymous said...

is he gaining weight now? he looks a lot healhtier now compared to his comeback. or, am i just used to his thin body that it looks ordinary to me now? :)