Thursday, May 05, 2011

05.04.11 S/Tweet Treats

Much thanks to xiaochu for yesterday's tweets translation over at Quainte501. Nothing really much except for the announcement of Young Saeng's teaser MV which I am pretty sure almost all have already seen.


[Trans] 05.04.11 S/Tweet Treats

Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits.

2011-05-04 @ 12:14 PM
b2ment 20110504 AM1103 He is Coming! Heo YoungSaeng 1st mini album [LET IT GO] teaser released!

2011-05-04 @ 7:06 PM
Steven_Lee_ RT @soompi YS releases solo debut teaser "Let It Go" @JimmyBurney @OKJOHNHOJOHNHO @seanalexander23 @drewryanscott

2011-05-04 @ 9:26 PM
2kjdream @zakkykim Wussup wu wu wu wussup~ heehee

2011-05-04 @ 9:32 PM
zakkykim @2kjdream Yes wussup miss the scissors jump ahah T T

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