Thursday, May 05, 2011

[Pix & Vids] Hyung Jun Back in S Korea 05.04.11

After a successful Live Tour Japan Concert, Hyung Jun went back to S Korea last night via Gimpo Airport. He was of course again greeted by his fans and on of them is Prettyboy. Here are photos and vid from their shutterbug. Thank you!

As Hyung Jun came back yesterday, he also went back live on webcast on Music High at 2AM today. And also today, though on a day off from work, he went to HnB office to help paint the office. Such a hard working fellow, yah?


Here's another video of Hyung Jun's arrival from last night. Thanks to an Anonymous visitor for the tip. Thanks to for the upload on YT and to HK TripleS as well.

From the comment on YT, it was said that HJL and HJB came together last night.

Oh yeah, and earlier, i read (not confirm & hoping for confirmation) that when Jung Min was in Japan, his last night before he left the following day, he went to watch Hyung Jun.


A.L.I.C.I.A said...

Omg omg....reli reli??? Jm went to see baby...and hjl came back with him??? How come they didn't exit together???

Ohhh I'm happy....

Anonymous said...

Inside the airport, you must join other people in the queue for checking your passport and anything, so i guess HJL finished first and walked out and Baby walked out later.. I'm sure they might secretly meet in Japan airport and catch the same plane.., then why they came together at the same time and at the same date! Maybe no cameras and fans allow inside the checking room or this fan who caught their arriving coming late..

There's no confirmation about Jung Min watched Baby's performance in Japan, it seemed to be rumor, at least one pic or fancam is enough evidence

Jenna said...

But wasn't it Leader flight from Osaka Airport and Baby came from Haneda Airport although they might have met upon arrival.