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[Article] Kyu Jong Talking About Musical Goong

This article is actually a continuation of the article posted HERE. If you missed that first part of this interview translated by Slam, you may check my post HERE.

Much thanks once again to Slam for doing this and sharing on her blog.


[Trans] The Continuation Of Kim Kyu Jong Interview (Japanese Musical GOONG Official Blog)

Source : Japanese Musical Goong Official Blog
Japanese ~ Chinese Trans: redcat111 @
English Trans:
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During the beginning of the shooting, the 2 of them were posing with different angles. Showing a bright smile and occasionally will start to do some mischievous expressions.

In between, there is a japanese photographer who is shooting Kyu Jong.

Before the interpreter came, Kyu Jong is trying to meet the [move in front a little] [move right] japanese instruction, rapidly changing position.

Perhaps... ...? Wanna personally greet the photograher said [it doesnt matter speaking Japanese].

Kyu Jong, seems like he is quite strong in his Japanese language!

Below is the interview of Kyu Jong.

Q: What is your thoughts about premiering in Kyoto?
Kyu: It's been a long time since I came to Japan, the difference is that prior this was SS501 concert, now it is Musical, thus I am very nervous.

Q: Being a singer what is the difference having a concert and musical?
Kyu: The activities of a singer, speaking of this it should be our own stand in the performance. Whereas for Musical it letting the audience experience the different feelings of the scenerios.

Q: Now that you are not SS501 but as Kim Kyu Jong identity doing solo activities, what are your thoughts?
Kyu: It is one's journey to digest, have seen some aspects not found before, time for reflections is getting more. Seems to learn more things faster. But have been together with the SS501 members for the past 5~6 years thus it really feels lonely doing solo activities. Although I feel that I lack of something, but when reaching a certain age, comparing to playing now I am more concentrating in my work, cos I want to show a more hardworking and mature side of me.

Q: In the musical, there is a love triangle between Chae Kyeong, Prince Yul & Prince Shin. So is Kyu Jong and any of your friend happened to like the same girl before?
Kyu: I am a person who is rather shy and who dont speak a lot. But to a person whom I like I would never easily give up just like that, I would make her to become my girlfriend.

Q: Before going into your musical practice, what other musicals have you watched?
Kyu: I have watched GREASE, CAFEIN, LUNATIC and PRISON musical before.

Q: GREASE & CAFEIN were acted by SS501 Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun respectively, so did the 2 of them give you any musical advice?
Kyu: They did told me "dont be nervous". For the 1st day of the stage pressure, they did not call me (smile). It is like they dont want me to get nervous. They told me to "Enjoy the Pressure". The members' advice gave me a lot of strength.

Q: 1st time challenging an acting musical role, how do you feel?
Kyu: It is real tough. Even though after accepting this project and started a little acting practice, but so far there are lots of areas which I do not understand.
After learning so much, the difficulty of performing experience, thus when I recalled how I used to tease the members "why act so stupid" after watching their performances or dramas, I really feel that I am very shallow. (smile)

Q: After the 2 of them have worn the 3 different elegant outfit, being asked which one is their favourite musical outfit of Goong?
Kyu: Used to think when will I have the chance to wear this kind of outfit and having this kind of role or project, thus I am very nervous and happy. Have not been able to wear this kind of outfit, very happy. I especially like the last wedding outfit.

Q: Please say something to the Japanese fans.
Kyu: I am honored to be in June at Kyoto performance hall to show everyone a better look.

Please look forward to the [Musical GOONG] performances!


Anonymous said...

short message for Kyu: You said believe in us.... all TS believes in you :)

Feeling nervous is natural but don't let that get to you..., enjoy the moment..., be confident.... All TS wish and wants you to be happy and successful....just do what you have to do and the rest will will just take place...

Kim Kyu Jong FIGHTING!!!!!

thanks for sharing this article (A)slam and liezle (A)

Anonymous said...

Kyu, you go do an awesome job, I luv you.
I'm anticipating your charms.