Saturday, May 07, 2011

[Live Update] PJM Fan Meeting Fun Party in Bangkok 05.07.11

I am getting live updates on Twitter from the PJMFan Meeting Fun Party at Siam Paragon. Heaps of thanks to chobeeSS501, iamsom and reena29shadow.

I am sharing them here for those who do not follow Twitter. I will keep on updating once there are new tweets from them.

  • Jung Min is dressed casually (liezle : looks like he is again tight fitting jeans. uhhh i love it!)
  • His first songis If You Cannot
  • During interview Jung Min keeps on imitating the MC (liezle : like a parrot again... so cute)
  • He greeted "sawaddee kab"
  • When answering questions, he would speak Thai all the time
  • Jung Min made the fans giddy by saying he wants to go on a date with a fun girl who is holding a green balloon
  • They picked a fans to ask question. The fan sit at 3rd row, so Jung Min jumped off the stage to pass his mic to the fan personally. Sweet

Photo courtesy of chobeeSS501

  • A fan asked if JM wants to marry her. JM said "Bye Bye"
  • Second song Jung Min is singing Do You Know
  • Jung Min was asked what his favorite Thai food. He mentioned watermelon juice [liezle : my fave too!], mango and sticky rice [liezle : i so love love this!], Tom yum goong, pad thai^^
  • 'As Tears Flows' MV now playing
  • Jung Min came out to sing Tata Young song : Believe
  • He wore another casual outfit.
  • First game... now drawing 10 lucky fans to go do an activity on stage
  • Jung Min reading numbers is Thai
  • When a fan loss in the game he would shake hands with them before going down
  • He just carried a fan princess like style
  • Jung Min did a sexy dance to a fan (liezle : geez... lucky lucky fan)
  • aJung Min now talking to a Japanese fan fluently. She carried her and spins her in the air.
  • Jung Min did translation for Japanese fan (liezle : adorably sweet)
  • A fan has horse soft toy, Jung Min asked the fan to pass the toy to him, he kissed the horse and give back to the fan.
  • When asked what Jung Min does before going to bed, JM drew a toilet bowl ^^
  • Jung Min was asked what kind of outfit he dislikes to wear. He drew a G-string. ^^
  • When asked what he likes to do most if given a free day. He said he wants to sleep
  • Jung Min said that he can feel fans love from today's fan meeting
  • [liezle : oh this is cute! i want to see fancam and pix of this] JungMin brought a horse soft toy that keeps shaking its head, he put on the horse on stage & squat beside the horse & shakes with it.
  • Fanmeet just finished. According to reena29shadown they are just waiting for the hi5 to start. It was supposed to be a handshake but since Jung Min injured his finger it was changed to hi5.
SUPER heaps of thanks again to reena29shadow, chobeeSS501 and iamsom for the live update. I did enjoy it a lot!

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Anonymous said...

huge thanks to iamsom, chobee, & reena (& liezle) for sharing all the tweet tidbits from the fanmeet! sounds so fun! lol at JM's drawing answers. XDDD thanks!