Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Article] YS on Mnet : Passionate & With an Air of Masculinity

Thank you to wonderrrgirl for doing the translation of this article and sharing on Love501.

I really wish that 'Out the Club' will be performed in full later.


[2011.05.19] 'Mcountdown' Solo Comeback HYS
Source: hankyung
Korean - English Translation: Wonderrrgirl @

Heo Young Saeng stood tall and alone on his solo comeback stage successfully.

On the 19th of May during the broadcast of Mnet ‘Countdown’, Heo Young Saeng performed his solo song “Out the Club” and “Let It Go” passionately and with an air of masculine.

During the first stage of “Out the Club”, Heo Young Saeng presented his handsome outer appearance and superior dance skills, showing off his “Bad Boy” image.
During the second stage of “Let It Go”, it is a complete and high stage performance that reminds everyone of a musical, effectively allowing him to shed off his previous image as a group, releasing an infinite amount of his dandy ‘Cool City Guy’ appeal.

‘Out the Club’ is a song of fast tempo, resembling strong American Club dance song, giving rise to a rhythmical and synthetizing stage with a strong beat. ‘Let It Go’ extrudes a groove feel and a sweet melody that is simple and yet also strong and powerful, with a vibrant chorus mixed with a melancholic feel.

Recently, because he had injured his right hand, the fans have been very concerned, but his clean performance on stage has allowed the fans’ hearts to be put at ease.

(omitted, regarding the performances of other groups)

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