Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Eng Subbed] Jung Min's Message on Coming of Age Day 05.16.11

In Korea, Monday on the 3rd week of May is the day they celebrate 'coming-of-age day' Also the choice to marry, to drink alcohol, to smoke, to vote, and to drive is when you are 19 (20 at the most). As a tradition on that day people are usually to receive three gifts. Flowers, perfume and a kiss. (source : Wikipedia)

As this special day was celebrated last Monday, Jung Min left a message on his official website. Here's the message of Jung Min with English sub-title courtesy of Josie of 501wangja

Video Courtesy CNr + (chi trans) MinLove + (eng trans/sub)
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sinthia said...

JungMinnie my sweet!! *-*
He is so adorable giving advises to "the new adults". ^^
thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing subs, Josie & liezle!
time really does fly, huh? before we know it, they're big sunbae-nims already. ^^;
JM is really cute and gives good advice. <3