Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Fancam] Young Saeng's Comeback Stage @ Music Bank 110513

Whoa! Fancams! Thanks Marvie for sharing these here.

As I said, it takes courage for a fan club to take out their camera inside the studio to record or take photos as security is very very tight. I really wonder how they do it. I tried before but I was afraid to get reprimanded .

Anyway, thanks to BESTYS for capturing Young Saeng performance at Music Bank.

"Let It Go" (Fan Service Performance)

Wow! So nice of Young Saeng to give extra fan service by performing Let Me Go before or after Out the Club.

"Out The Club"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle for sharing so many news this morning. It was wonderful hearing the fans singing with him. The TripleS were wonderful in their support. Such a memorable 13th May.


Anonymous said...

i thank you liezle for sharing these fancam :)

I too am a sissy when it comes to taking pictures or vids during s performance.. but thank you soooo much bestYS :) (A)

Anonymous said...

the last cid, i feel like hugging YS, he was looking at the people smiling but his eyes - - look closely, its like i am here alone, he didnt win right?

Anonymous said...

i really feel Rain's vibe from YS esp in Out The Club performance.. which is AWESOME! but is it just me??

A.L.I.C.I.A said...

@ anyonymous 10.08

I don't think it is possible to win on the first day he performed! But hopefully....

Anonymous said...

The competition yesterday was between two other artistes who probably have comeback earlier. Two solo artistes, not Young Saeng.