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[Article] SS501 Members Showing Support to Young Saeng's Solo Comeback

SS501 love. ^_^

Much thanks to Ode for sharing this article earlier on Twitter while Blogger was having a downtime problem.

Like what I shared earlier in my previous post, Hyun Joong arrived during the live performance of 'Out The Club'. On the other hand was at the studio earlier and even watched with the audience during the recording of 'Let It Go'.


[Article] On the day of Heo Youngsaeng's solo comeback saw the setting forth of SS501 members.
Source : Newsen
Korean to English translation by Ode /

On May 13th, Heo Youngsaeng will kick off his first headstart through KBS2's 'Music Bank'. Because of that, SS501 members have gathered for that. At the waiting room on this day saw Kim Kyujong who's currently under a same agency as him. In addition, even Kim Hyunjoong who's currently preparing for his solo album had found his way there to root on for Heo Youngsaeng.

Heo Youngsaeng's agency talked to Newsen in a phone interview on this matter, "Kim Hyunjoong and Kim Kyujong found their way to the waiting room secretly to give their support for his solo debut", "Heo Youngsaeng himself too was extremely thankful for that", as was revealed.

After moving into respective agencies and focusing on each's work, it is once again proven of SS501's friendship amongst one another. It was known that because of their respective schedules on this day, Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjun couldn't make their visit there, however they have already relayed their support through the phone to Heo Youngsaeng before this.


Anonymous said...

not surprise.......HJL is VERY close to YS. and KJ is in the same both were expected to be there. it's sad that HJL never even came out to support JM or magnae........and he had more free time during their CBs....i guess you make time for those you are closest to. JM is in taiwan so he can't go. baby seemed way too busy and tire so it's understandable.

Alex said...

I love the above comment

haha, there are like, 2 obvious groups among them :))
no excuses, obviously that Kim Hyun Joong doesn't care about Jung Min and HJB.

Jung Min had such a hard time dealing with the postponement of his album due to those North Koreans' stupidity, his health and he's the one who came back first, so he must have had the biggest pressure. And yet, nothing came from Kim Hyun Joong.

HJB is always a baby and he even mentioned Kim Hyun Joong sometimes in his interviews, but what did he receive ? Nothing.

You guys can say whatever you want but the truth is obvious, face it !

Anonymous said...

Yes, I totally agrees & loves the above 2 comments.... the truth is really obvious.....

Anonymous said...

@ above... you all sound like a broken record...same old story.

May I ask did Jung Min or HJB came out and supported Hyun Joong during Playful Kiss or any of his solo activities? The answer is NO. So stop with this non-sense. It's getting old already.

Anonymous said...

lol we already know it wayyyy long before u two mentioned it..
no need to ask us to face it.. grow up! :P

Anonymous said...

After reading the comments above I have nothing to say just feel like....poor Hyun Joong he can't do anything right .

It 's still a long way to go . We have to beleive in them . Whatever we think it's just our thinking and imagination nothing to do with the real truth . Only them know what is all about. However They did say to beleive in them . As a SS501's fan I beleive in them and their friendship.

Can't help to feel sorry for Hyun Joong I hope he remains strong and does not feel hurt.

liezle said...


Shall we stop? It was such a fun event. Why do we have to put meaning in each of our favorites action? We do not know anythings so let's be it. Let's trust them and believe in what they say. That is the fun of being a fan, k? Let's not get too involve in their affairs.



Anonymous said...

Yeah.. it's the fans, especialy those above fans, who turn the group relationship into some ugly stories.
How much do you know about them??? NOTHING! So don't assume this, and that. Plain absurd.

Anonymous said...

Kinda expect those comments above! It's been like that since the beginning. When HJL doesn't come, he would be bashed. When he comes, some people would say, "Oh he still care for SS501." Poor HJL :(. Maybe he should stop his own activities and just support his members.

Anonymous said...

Lol at the Hyun Joong fans turning this into a poor Hyun Joong story. Oh Boohoo!

Not that I'm agreeing the the first two comments either, they are way of base. They are obviously troll bait and the Hyun Joong can't help but latch on. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

now this is why i became a silent fan and didn't linger much in forums. some fans are acting like know-it-alls when they actually don't know anything about the real situation among the members. don't you know what these speculations do? divide the members and divide triple s. and you consider yourselves "double s fans".

it's the one time i visited a ss501-related site again because of a hyunkyusaeng sighting and what did i read from supposed triple s? *sigh* this is getting tiresome already. i think i'll refrain visiting once again until all these issues get cleared up.

Anonymous said...

I think Leader might have a problem with either Hyung Jun or Jung Min, do you guys remember when Jung Min and Leader caught in a Cold war around the year of 2009..?

My assumption, HJL and HJB is in bad relationship because of HJB mentioned in his interview on 2010 that Leader didn't answer his call and Leader said back his cellphone didn't have battery and next time he would bring charger with him..

I noticed during the love ya promotion, from the fancam, Leader was standing close to Baby,and Baby seemed to ignore him, didn't say anything or even looking at him, Leader was so sad back then, both of them had teary eyes...

KyuJong and YoungSaeng was the quietest in the group, they don't have drama and they are still in good relationship with Leader! Yes truth hurts but I'm not surprised because I knew..

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. People need to stop speculating about stuff they know nothing about. Why are you people trying to start drama? This is looking like its going to turn into another giant back and forth argument.

This is about Saeng's comeback and the fact that the other members are supporting. Why is it that everytime someone has a solo debut, the most commented article turns into being about Hyun Joong? The same thing happened with Baby's comeback over an innocent remark.

I love being a Triple S because we are so supportive of your boys but the people above me frankly disappoint me.

Anonymous said...

we have eyes to see, we have brains to think, we have ears to hear, no speculation or anything because that's the reality duh and it's obvious! :)

Anonymous said...

i wish that everyone attended for everyones comeback but this is clearly not possible due to schedules etc.,maybe we will see them all at hyunjooong's. that would be the best day in this year for me. so lets pray nd hope for june that everyone reunites..if this happens, i will spam all their articles with comments conveying my happiness..
i was so eager to have my bias to go solo nd shine for a change on his own but now i really regret it cus it was more fun to watch when all f ss501 were present..after saens comeback, i miss them so much nd i want them to comeback really's three down nd two more to go until ss501 comeback..fighting!!

Anonymous said...

@7:05am Seriously? What is your issue? Go troll somewhere else. I have eyes and they are not seeing what you are seeing. So maybe you need to get our eyes checked.

Anonymous said...

7:32 what is your problem? you are the trolling, not everyone shares the same view, do you learn about SOCIOLOGY and PSYCHOLOGY..?? Those subjects can educate yourself to learn about people's behaviours and their interactions with each other..!!Learn and think, not only listening to K-pop music and fangirling your bias!

Anonymous said...

Learn and think?, I have a masters degree, I think I've done alot of that already but thanks for the suggestion :)
Lol! Calm down, its not that serious. Its only kpop. Didn't know it meant that much to you. Sorry I actually have a life and don't spend my time analyzing everyone's behavior. Anyway I'm done feeding the troll now. It was fun though. Bye Bye

P.s. Sorry liezle, I don't usually do this but I got a little bored at work.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey jusst glad that HJL took time to support YS. I like that KJ is there too. Can't ask for more!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel everyone's sentiment here. And yeah, maybe the feeling is that each member should have gone out, supported or support each other for their solo debut, since they claim not to be disband, but what is SS501? "Superstar Singers, 5 members united as one forever", well that should say it all. And as far as each taking time to support so and so, it appears some members are popular than others. For instance, leader, naturally, he's most popular, doesn't seem to need support from anyone,as he has a large fan base, globally. Next. we have JungMin, with charm, charisma, can talk anyone off their sox with his fan service. Third, we have Kim Hyung Joon, the maknae, so cute, it's why we call him "Baby". It's obvious these two are close pals. Then of course, YoungSaeng and Kyu, not so popular, I think most will agree, why? well maybe none of us know, but I think these two members possess the most genuine talent in their profession. Since the two remain mysterious to some, maybe it's why, other than being their friend, leader wants to give them support. Anyway this is just my opinion, take it how you may, bash me whatever, it's what I see. And honestly, I love to see them as SS501 once again, on stage, together.

Anonymous said...

7:50am, maybe you have high education but do you study those subjects, PSY and SOCIO? You may take different subjects like accounting or science but I take those subjects so I have right to think and speculate about their relationships!!

Members in a band are not always having a happy going brotherly love and have a good relationship like you think, they may fight or argue, that's the human life...!!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:17

Young Saeng is the second most popular member after Leader, have you seen his large fanbase in korea and the support TripleS give to him? HyunSaeng is the most popular pairing in korea

When Baby and Jung Min came back, only a few TS wanted to support them but look? How much love TS give to Young Saeng?

Anonymous said...

wow! i'm so disappointed in reading all the comments. but then again, i'm not suprised. this has been an ongoing thing. seems like no matter what hyun joong does it will never satisfy everyone. this was suppose to be a happy moment. ys first comeback stage. if ppl don't have anything nice to say then pls refrain yourself from doing so. i have my bias as well but i'm always supporting all 5 members and is waiting for the day that all 5 will stand on the same stage! ss501 fighting!!! seeing the 3 boys together supporting each other back stage just makes me miss them even more!

Anonymous said...

Liezle, (A) here... in behalf of the people who made rude or harsh comments to the members and amongst each other, I apologize.

Listen people, i think it is irrelevant to write your degree or profession or what education you have attained... the common ground here in this blog is our love and support to SS501 and not about you.

The topic is SS501 and not you.

I believe TripleS/Green peas should be happy and proud that all SS501 members, in their way and in their own time and on their free will are able to express and show support to their fellow members.... no pressure, no grudges...

as for us, though we love them and would want to see all of them back again the soonest, we can only hope and believe... but to what is really going on between and among the members, we can only assume and deduct BUT no member has said anything against their fellow member, what is mostly reported is how SS501 is not disbanded and are proudly expressing their close friendship and how each member look forward to having a goup activitiy again

Anonymous said...

"Damn if you do and damn if you don't"

this is the case for any members of SS501 who is either present or absent during another member's solo comeback

just an observation since i wanted to join TripleS but am now deciding against it... it's not the members who have a problem... its the fans creating the problem

SS501 have a very unique and strong foundation of love and friendship despite the circumstance each member is under now and the fanbase should be the same as well but apparently TripleS is very much diversed and divided

Anonymous said...

I've always been a silent fan type..but reading all those ugly comments really hurts me..but again dat is their personal view so there's nothing i can do about it..however i hope they stop it cause although it your personal view its kinda give negative affect to others..stop it coz it seems like triple s is falling apart, but we are not..if only non fans read it, wud that leave positive impression to them?all those negative comments, juz keep it to urself and instead cheerish young saeng's comeback as well as other members activities as it is without making any negative speculation..coz that's what true fans will do..ask urself r u a true fan?

I'm very well aware dat fans are anxious n always wanna proof from them dat the 5 of them is still together but dat does not mean they hav to say it n publicly show it..doesnt matter if others dunno but they know..i agree they might fight, hav issues with one another coz not only it happen btween members but u n ur siblings as well but i believe dat doesnt last forever..years they spent together made them family not juz members..i know some of u who think they know it all might think dis is juz my stupid imagination but hey at least it's a positive one n i like to keep it that way rather give negative speculation coz i for one believe in for those who thinks they know very well about things goin on btween the members, think again coz all ur sources come from glimpse of fancams n pictures..there are so much more than that which u dunno...ask urself again if only the members read ur comment,how will they feel?wud they dissapoint or wud they be proud of their fans??

I'm sorry liezle for such a long rant..i juz cudnt help it n tired of reading those negative comments..i second if u juz close the comment section..

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon@9:50. The fans are the ones creating this idea of discord between the members. The members themselves have always stated that they are close. Just because we don't see the members on tv doesn't mean their not busy. There are a lot of behind the scenes things such as rehearsals that can take up their time and prevent them from attending each others events. The members have stated several times that they meet up for drinks and call each other regularly. If this is still not enough for you to believe that they are close then look at how their scheduling their solo debuts. This many members having solo debuts within a half year (with delays no less) and not one has competed directly against another is not a coincident. This can only happen with the members talking with each other and scheduling their albums accordingly.

Sorry for the long post but I so sick of people leaving comments acting like they know the truth when all they really know is that their comment will start a stupid back and forth.

Amyra said...

some of the comments are just too funny that i forgot to laugh.

i guess HJL is finishing up w/ his album preparations.. KJ is in the same agency as YS..HJB is busy with his Asia tour..JM is also busy with all the work he has (which is a lot)..

they're friendship is too strong~ that is one of the reasons i'm in love with every member in SS501~ they're talent are undeniable, enough said..i'm just so grateful for all of them!!! SS501 FOREVER MANSAE!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

one thing good that came out of their going solo is that they were able to prove that they all have the talent to become solo artists. They have proven that they are indeed superstars in their own right, whether in and out of Korea.
Whatever relationships they may have, its no different from our own relationships with the people around us. Our degree of affection for the people around us may not have the same intensity but that will not erase the fact that we care for all of them, and that's true for all the members of ss501 as well, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I think we all love SS501 and love all the members but sometime we might feel frustrate when things did not go the way we have expected in the process. That 's the way things go and the way things work. Isn't it ?

I knew SS501 through Hyun Joong and I'm grow to love its music and all the members. Each of them have difference charm and personnality. I can't help it but love them all.

I always look up to TS as a very special fan club since I just come to know SS501 for less than 3 years . Now I have almost everything regarding SS501.

I just want to say that all TS please relax your guys always express the warm heart , strength , beleive and generousity. That's the nature of TS I have experience with for 2 years. I miss that. Let do not hurt each other and the members feeling with all kind of negative comments and let beleive in them the same way they beleive in the fans.

Let support and enjoy their indevidual album and keep waiting for the group album with an encouragement and happy heart since we already knew they are a very good group.

Anonymous said...

I have been a silent visitor of this site and I love this site so much. I totally agree with A 3:05PM. I hope the arguement will stop here. Let us cheer on YS's comeback and look fore more comebacks in the future as individuals and as SS501. I feel ashamed of the negative fans because they just ruined the day of YS.

Anonymous said...

ladies and gentlemen, this is YoungSaeng's SOLO debut album. 'LET IT GO' if not then, 'Out of the Club' please.
thank you.