Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[Notice from Keyeast] June 7 Showcase

Much thanks to Ode for taking time to translate this and share on her blog once again.

I am pretty certain getting tickets for this event will be very difficult. Everyone is planning good luck! Everyone who is going enjoy!


[Notice from Keyeast] June 7 Showcase
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Korean to English translation by Ode /

Hello. This is KEYEAST.

Kim Hyunjoong-ssi will be holding his first solo mini album's commemoration Showcase on June 7 at Jangchung Gymnastic Stadium.

During this Showcase, songs from Kim Hyunjoong-ssi's new mini album will be sung and revealed for its first time, so we hope for much participation from all fans.

Thank you.


When : June 7 (Tuesday)
Time : announce again
Where : Jangchung Gymnastic Stadium

(1) 2011 Henecia members will be invited (First-Come-First-Serve)
(2) Those who purchase Kim Hyunjoong-ssi's mini album "Limited Edition" (through Lucky Draw)
**other additional details will be revealed again in another notice


-So far, only this Showcase is being planned. No others such as the Birthday Party / Fanmeetings


Anonymous said...

i thought he arranged a birthday party was well on the 6th in another announcement?

Anonymous said...

so he wont be showcasing in mbank,inkigayo and musicore? I hope im wrong with this assumtion.

Anonymous said...

Always support Hyun Joong.
Hopy it is successful.

Anonymous said...

i don't think KHJ will not promote his album in the three music program... because that is the only way to do it in KPOP, besides, his member, Kim hyung jun also did the same where he held a showcase with his fans first, and the next week, he start promoting in the music program

lafone said...

Dear liezle,

Though I am not going via tour from Japan,here's information from the tour company in reply to questions from the fans:

The birthday party is planned in the middle of the showcase. There is no plan to implement a BD party at seperate place. It is clear that everyone who participate the showcase can celebrate Hyun Joong's BD together.

In view of the capacity of the stadium (7,350 ), they may be able to accomodate those who want to join this showcase. Good luch to everyone and myself!

liezle said...

Hi lafone!

Thank you so much for that information you shared above. Wow for a showcase the venue is quite big. I am certain it'll be jampacked.

Oh you're going but not getting the tour. Ah, I wish I can go to so that I can meet you. But I am still waiting until the end of this week to know if I am going or not.


Anonymous said...

LAFONE! i'm so glad to hear that your going to hyun joong's showcase! hopefully u will have time to pen a fan account because your fan accounts are always the best! i'm an overseas fan so i cannot participate.

LIEZLE! i hope u will end up going too! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you, Lafone.
I'm jealous with you.
Waiting for your pics and fan account.
Thank you very much.