Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Soribada Tutorial for Young Saeng's Comeback

If you've a Twitter account I am sure you've received tweets in your timeline about instructions on how to stream in SORIBADA for Young Saeng's comeback album.

Yesterday I posted HERE a step by step instructions with the help from hl2412. She's campaigning for May 16 to 18 purchase.

I have here another tutorial instructions on how to use SORIBADA which cheezemelt post on the sidebar. She's encouraging us to start streaming on May 12.

Well, for me it wouldn't hurt to stream on May 12 and May 16 to 18 if you really want Young Saeng to get to number 1. With all of us putting together our efforts we can do it.

With that, I am also sharing here the graphics that cheezemelt posted on the sidebar.

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