Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng Leaving SBS 05.15.11 by Weolcheok

Much thanks to cll_slam10 for tweeting this set of photos.

Here is a set of photos of Young Saeng leaving SBS ground after his hot performance at Inkigayo today. Thanks much to the shutterbug of Weolcheok for capturing this.

Thanks also to Sudal for sending me the same photos in my email.


Anonymous said...

Uwaaaa,,love the first pic soo much,,,he's like stand out among the crowd xD
thanks Liezle for sharing^^

Anonymous said...

is tht young saeng's manager ? :0 and love all the pics !! <3

Anonymous said...

seems like his hand was hurting while he was walking towards their van...aigooo

Anonymous said...

to answer the question of the above anony11:52 - maybe, but am hoping its not bothering him... maybe that reaction of shielding his hand is an instant unconscious reaction to protect his injured hand

aigoo, those pictures at the bottom showing his cute varied facial expression is priceless :)

--and his face has gone from chubby to tiny, oettokke?

how come no one is carrying his bag for him? he must be exhausted plus consider his injured hand guys-- tsk, tsk, B2M, please take care of YS