Sunday, May 15, 2011

[Vid] A Dose of Fan Service from Young Saeng

Looks like the fans were able to get another extra fan service from Young Saeng at Inkigayo today just like what he did HERE in MuBank.

Check this video by Madeleine as uploaded by on her YT channel. It looks like Young Saeng just finished his performance for 'Out The Club' when he gave this fan service.

Yay, that smile just melted me. ^^ The whole 46 seconds video made me smile this wide ^_________________^

Thanks to veggiedelight for sending the link to my email.


Anonymous said...

Aigoo... he is such a cutie!!!! His smile and expression when me took off his sunglass totally melt me!!

Chara said...

Oh Yeah, he is happy without a doubt! ^^So good to see him smile from his inner heart like this. I missed it for quite a long while. ^_^

We hope, we'll see you like this for a long long time now. Be happy, YoungSaeng! Saranghae~

etet said...

OMG... Had to play it over and over and over again, just to watch those first few secs...
How can one be so sexy and yet so cute?

Anonymous said...

i've replayed this clip for a gazillion times already!!!!!

as soon as he took his sunglass off, he has this mischievous smile on his face.... observe his eyes as well... its like he is in his happy world thinking _____, i wonder what you are thinking YS?

at mark .36, his injured hand must have hurt since his mouth twitched.... am telling you, watch the vid like i did and you'd see a variety of YS expressions you would enjoy

thanks for sharing (A)