Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tonight's Date with Young Saeng @ YOMZ

Remember tonight's date with Young Saeng at YOMZ. If you still do not have your account you may check my post about that last night HERE.

Young Saeng actually reminded us about it at YOMZ this morning when he post his photo and a message. Here's the photo and message. Thanks to nejeelicious for tweeting.

'does everybody know that that we’re going to meet at 8:00PM (KST)? before we meet, i’ll give out a quiz. what song did I practice recently? I’m coming in few more minutes. so we’ll see you at 8:00PM (KST)'


Anonymous said...

there were 14,000+ messages on there when the chat ended lol ... i hope he will read all the messages later on and respond when he has time but omg thers so many that i rly doubt he will be able to

liezle said...

8:44, thanks for the info.

i actually read some of young saeng's reply and they were so cute. really hoping that someone can send the whole transcript of young saeng's replies.


Anonymous said...

His replies are so cute and energetic, he doesn't come out to be a shy guy at all.