Sunday, May 08, 2011

[Trans] Witty Young Saeng in Running Man

Another article from Slam posted on her blog about Young Saeng's guesting in Running Man. Thanks!

In order for Young Saeng to let Gary knows where his whereabouts, he asked Gary to shout something. Check all about it in the article below.

Btw, during the airing of Running Man earlier, Young Saeng was top searched in some search engines.


[Trans] Heo Young Saeng in "RUNNING MAN" Reveal His Real Artiste Character

Source: TV DAILY
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: 玉米的抱枕@ 水之莲生许永生中文网
English Trans:
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Recently as a solo singer comeback, SS501 member Heo Young Saeng participated in SBS variety show "RUNNING MAN" which was broadcast on 8th May.

In this week program, in order to compete for the strongest last survivor, cast members struggled and tried their very best, cast member Gary is the 1st to reached Young Saeng at SBS Open Hall who start to move on to the 2nd destination.

During the process, Gary wanting to know Heo Young Saeng's whereabouts,accord to Young Saeng's instruction by shouting: "HEO YOUNG SAENG 1st ALBUM MANSAE!" Although another cast member Haha did have Heo Young Saeng's number, but it was 3 years ago thus couldn't get thru. Whereas Yu Jae Suk got Heo Young Saeng's number thru the help of Big Bang member Daeseung.


Chara said...

He was so cool in that one. Had a great fun watching the show. Cheeky boy~

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Yoo Jaesuk was so funny in order to get YS no. he have to call Daesung to get Top no. so he can get HJL no. to ask for YS. He was first trying to call Lee Hyori bec he said YS is Hyori's dongsaeng but when he calls her it went directly to her voicemail.

Anonymous said...

i wonder where Gary Kang got Ys number from? he called a certain office asking for Ys number explaining he needed it badly and he was his friend

on a side note: hehehehe Ys 2 handfones beside him, the white one which he used for this taping and the one with the red case which he takes with him when he travels; similar to Mal who has 3 celfones too, correct? while Joon has 2 also... our perfect idols really are in demand and has a lot of "connections"^^