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[Article] Young Saeng Asked for YJS Autograph in Running Man

Thanks to Slam for sharing the translation of this article on her blog. Have you guys already watched episode 42 of Running Man? If you haven't yet, you go click HERE and watch Young Saeng.

First mission given to them was to locate Young Saeng. Each team member found a way to reach Young Saeng. Yoo Jae Suk's idea on how to reach Young Saeng is to contact Hyun Joong. But in order to do that he has to contact DaeSeung (Big Bang) first for DS to contact TOP (Big Bang). Then TOP to get to Hyun Joong. ^_^

Anyway, when YJS was able to locate YS, he asked for the authograph of YJS. See article below why.


[Trans] Yu Jae Suk,"Skeptical Outburst" when Heo Young Saeng Requested For His Autograph

Source: TV Report
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: 玉米的抱枕 @水之莲生许永生中文网
English Trans:
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National MC Yu Jae Suk had Skeptical Outburst. On 8th May the broadcast of "RUNNING MAN" program, the cast members were trying to do a mission thus went to the the program special guest Heo Young Saeng, the postion of where Young Saeng was, was at SBS Open Hall.

During the recording, Heo Young Saeng said that one of his relatives' brother really like Yu Jae Suk very much, thus he wants to help to get his autograph. Although Yu Jae Suk did gave Young Saeng his autograph in the end, but he is still skeptical asking: "Perhaps if I did not signed, I will get eliminated halfway?" regarding this Young Saeng felt wrongfully accused stating: "Shouldn't you go after signing?" With this Yu Jae Suk is still very suspicious and continue: "Why did you suddenly ask for my autograph?"

On the other hand, in the program Gary betrayed Song Jihyo so as to become the winner which audiences will be looking forward to.


Chara said...

Ah, so that's what it was about. ^-°

I wondered, why YS asked for an autograph. :-) Thanks for the article.^^

Anonymous said...

Jae Sook moment: JS upon entering the room saw Ys and asked first pointing to his hand what's wrong with your hand or what happened ( which was kind of thoughtful on Sunbae's part^^) then, JS put the jacket on, as he was doing so, Ys asked for an autograph. JS thought YS was doing a mission and why on earth he wanted an autograph from him which made Ys explain that his dongsaeng's ( a relative of his) requested him to do so.....but still JS was skeptical = = hope this explains why JS was talking like that to YS

all in all i enjoyed watching Ys smile and laugh... i guess he did have fun taping this albeit his condition it would have been great if he was able to participate with the them

Anonymous said...

haha cute. XD thanks for the trans, cllslam10!
thanks for the extra info, 8:33!
and thanks for sharing, liezle! XD