Sunday, May 08, 2011

[Vid & Photo] Young Saeng NEXT in Inkigayo

Young Saeng will be in Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo next week. So like me, I guess almost everyone who visits my blog is already looking forward to this.

Today in Inkigayo they've already shown teaser of Young Saeng. Here is that short clip courtesy of YT channel. Thanks to cll_slam10 for the tip on Twitter.

And just this afternoon, gooddirector tweeted a teaser photo of Young Saeng's MV.

I may sound like a broken record already but I can't wait.

Btw, from the teaser we've seen earlier from B2M and this photo Young Saeng is wearing glasses. I just hope that when he performs on stage he will not be wearing his glasses. Like what I tweeted earlier, I would like to see Young Saeng's eyes shining brightly on stage.


P.S. I am adding another teaser from the MV. This time this photos was tweeted by HyeongJin.


ysang said...

i really can't wait!i'm so excited!!!! XD

Anonymous said...

Me too, I love his eyes. There is a twinkle in them.

Just hope he took off his dark glasses on stage.


Anonymous said...

4 more days to his album release!! Really cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome!