Sunday, May 08, 2011

Running Man Episode 42 w/ Young Saeng as Guest

Running Man episode 42 with special guest Heo Young Saeng is already up in YT. Much thanks to cll_slam10 for tipping on Twitter 's YT channel.

In today's episode, since Young Saeng injured his hand his role in the show is to make it difficult for the two teams to know his location and to give the next mission.

As the two teams are all trying to locate where Young Saeng is, our bedimpled Young Saeng on the other hand, once reached by phone, would give wrong information. Once he is located he would then give the next mission to them.

Young Saeng is mischievous here and I find him so cute. Love love it when he smile. So unfortunate that his role here is just to give out the mission. I guess had he not been injured, Young Saeng would have been given a tougher role, which I was really looking forward to before the injury.

Btw, since members of the team are all seniors Young Saeng would ask autograph and even a photo op. Like what he tweeted earlier, he was amazed seeing senior artists in this show.

Hope that Young Saeng's cut will be subbed soon. Would like to know how the convo went and how mischievous Young Saeng is.

Btw, YS didn't appear in all 5 parts, he only appeared in the first three vids.


Anonymous said...

Ys airtime is very limited which is understandable considering his condition at that time.....

I do pray that he is in a better shape for his upcoming shows

thanks for sharing these vids... missing Ys all the more

Anonymous said...

can't understand..can anyone explain this