Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Vid] Younng Saeng Cut in Happy Together 05.12.16

Young Saeng was a guest in the last episode of Happy Together. Though his cut from this video is only 6 minutes, it is still worth watching Young Saeng as he smile and laugh.

Check this video out courtesy of YT channel.

Here's translation in one part of the vid in which Young Saeng explained why he is seldom seen on TV programs unlike the other members of SS501. Thanks to SS501jjang2079 for sharing this on AllKPop.

According to Young Saeng, “It’s because I played the role of mysterious type” Heo Young Saeng blurted out “I don’t speak well,” he said. So they came up with the prince as my concept, shy type. Even so, “I don’t like *LAN” he added which drewlaughter (A/N: *not so sure with the word)

Young Saeng was also asked about the concept of his album. Young Saeng said “a chic guy” which makes the MC speechless. Park Mi Seon dropped a joke with “does it hurt?” that provoked a burst of laughter.

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Amyra said...

Park Miseon heard him wrong~ he thought that YS said "sicken man" instead of "chic man" that's why she asked "does it hurt".. ^^ i can't stop smiling while looking at YS~