Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Vids & Pix] Young Saeng in Music Bank 05.13.11

Friday the 13th seems to be a good day for a lot of TS as we saw Young Saeng's very 1st stage as a solo artist in Music Bank.

Here are the videos of Young Saeng's performances courtesy of YT channel.

First is 'Out The Club'. This is a live performance.

I wish that Young Saeng performance in 'Out The Club' was a full song. It seems to be a really good one. Also, I wish that next time, the cameraman would take a full body shoot of him while doing this to see the dance moves clearly.

Here's 'Let It Go' featuring Park Ju Hyun

Chic and dandy, that's Young Saeng in this performance. He exudes quite a strong appeal, charm and sexiness. His vocal is really good. His voice is even overpowering the music. I am so looking forward to his other performances.

Before I end this post, after the recording of 'Let It Go' it was known that Kyu Jong was with Young Saeng. And everyone was so happy with this news. It was said that Kyu Jong even sat with the audience to see Young Saeng perform.

Then later on after the live performance of 'Out The Club', it was known that Hyun Joong visited Young Saeng to give support and there was even a fancam showing him watching YS performing live.

Let me share with you first the video of Hyun Joong watching Young Saeng courtesy of posted on YT.

Curious about the chant? Here it is. Thanks to wonderrrgirl for sharing this on Twitter.

Fanchant: 나쁜남자 허영생 쿨한남자 허영생 솔로대박 허영생 LET IT GO 허영생! ^^ (Bad Boy HYS Cool man HYS Solo Daebak HYS LET IT GO HYS!)

And here's photo of Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Hyun Joong at the waiting room of KBS. This photos was taken by HyeongJin and tweeted.

Kyu Jong i think is holding a camera. I wonder if he recorded Young Saeng's performance. ^^

Yeah, so nice to see them together. If only Hyung Jun and Jung Min didn't have prior schedule. Anyway, it was in the news that both gave him a call to wish him good luck.


Anonymous said...

so happy to see the boys together again! makes me miss them even more!!

hj seems to be in the leader role in the last pic. ys and kj listening to their hyung talk! <3<3<3

Anonymous said...

Why do I get this Big Boss/Mafia vibe from KHJ? Seems like HJ was telling YS, "you better be perfect or you have to answer to me" ^_^!

Anonymous said...

Love, love that pictures! Remining me of the old time! Leader looks very ... leader like. lol!

beeSS said...

this is just my imagination..and i'm so happy to see them together...

kyu jong:hyung!!!...what do you think? he's doing great right??!!

hyunjoong: ya! youngsaeng's good that you improved a lot!!but i wonder.. how can you injured your hand like that huh??!!(while showing his worried face)

young saeng: well..i want to do the best..anyway thanks..i'm glad you came to see me..(while showing his dimple)

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng's solo comeback has made Leader come back!!!!!

i agree with all the observations above:)

it's like HJL being the eldest is asking: ya! now that you see me here in front of you two, update me with ALL of our members activities and extra curricular activities :).....hhhaayyy, we have ALL been asking for Leader to show support to his dongsaengs and here he if only the 2 younger members were here then that would be a blast!

Anonymous said...

i'm smiling like a looney just look at the three of them together again. one year later and all 3 of our boys have grown up so much and each all successful doing their solo activities. let's continue to support them!

i've always loved the close and akward relationship between hyun joong and young saeng!

kreza said...

Love seeing those 3 together...they are bias...ssssshhhh! :)

we all have the same reaction to the pic...leader looking like a leader hehehe

A.L.I.C.I.A said...

I literally cried when I saw this pic....
Gahh! I feel blessed

Anonymous said...

Leader is always the leader. I had a big smile to my ears when I saw the picture. I agree, Leader looks like a big boss. It is kind of nice that '87ers (HJB & JM) are close and '86ers (YS and HJL) are close, while KJ is the middle so he is close to all of them. However, they are all SS501 forever.

Anonymous said...

love this picz.... seems that they are supporting one another... i love the way their friendship was... they really prove to us that even though they have their solo activities.. there friendship still remains.. ans i really admire... they are worth to wait... SS501 Forever...

Anonymous said...

Bess can i share my imagination here with u

Hyunjoong:Youngseang ar you shouldnt wear black glasses on yr first solo performance

Kyujong:Hyunjoong hyung dont be angry you know how it is with sponsors.

Youngseang:hmmp i want to look cool like you when you have your goodbye ji hoo concert...

Har har anyways just too happy to look at this picture.

Anonymous said...

That's the reason why HJL my love is my bias because of the comments above.hahaha
Thumbs up for all the comments especially to those with conversation although its just their imagination.LOL