Tuesday, June 21, 2011

06.17.11 S/Tweet Treats

Thank you to xiaochu for putting all last Friday's tweets together and translation in Quiante501.

Interesting tweets between Young Saeng and one member of 4men after YS joined them in their perf in Music Bank. Park Ji Bin and Young Saeng's tweets are always cute.


[Trans] 06.17.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-06-17 @ 1:13 AM
MnetMcountdown M!Countdown Photos - Rehearsal photo of Kim HyunJoong who made Asia go wild for him. well, just, that is a photo which is just like a vivid phone-taken photo.. http://twitpic.com/5ce4co

2011-06-17 @ 1:47 AM
Sj861117sj HyunJoong-ah Congratualtions!! RT @mystyle1103 HyunJoong got 1st on M!Countdown today~keke Congrats!!! Congrats~~~

2011-06-17 @ 9:32 PM
G8plan “@zzanggu915: Like how much efforts being put in, the more we are attached to Jperformance in Japan! Kyu & Kwak & Bong empress decorated the daily papers keke" http://t.co/9qvmyYQ http://t.co/IcLjm0j

2011-06-17 @ 9:38 PM
G8plan “@zzanggu915: This is the photo zone at Minamiza lobby where Goong musical is played at. Standing beside my own photo, I realised the size is a little smaller. One pic before the interview! Kyu & SeonYoung & Run ke http://t.co/yH5FT2y http://t.co/kwVvfF5”

2011-06-17 @ 5:00 PM
mystyle1103 @drewryanscott Happy birthday!!!!!! Hahaha~~~^^

2011-06-17 @ 5:12 PM
hyeongjin2 Thank you to many of you who come to Japan to watch the musical. But it is difficult for us if you come to the dorm where we rest and ask for autograph T T Please let us be able to rest We definately won't give autograph nor take photos even if you come and wait for the whole night!!!

2011-06-17 @ 5:52 PM
hyeongjin2 Kyuri hiding behind the door heehee Please keep calm when you see the photo heehee Definately cannot (come to) our dorm!!!! http://twitpic.com/5coxf8

2011-06-17 @ 7:21 PM
philshin76 HyunJoong 1st in Musicbank!

2011-06-17 @ 8:02 PM
Steven_Lee_ I heard that Kim HyunJoong's "Break Down" got 1st in M-Net M!Countdown yesterday and in Musicbank today. Thank you to the many of you in Korea. I will work harder to be able to make even better albums. Thank you to the staffs, and HyunJoong who trusts and follows me.

2011-06-17 @ 8:05 PM
Steven_Lee_ "Break Down" is now NO.1 in weekly single chart in Korea, and just won 2 awards from M-Net and KBS TV. Again, thank you for your supports!

2011-06-17 @ 8:08 PM
mystyle1103 @Actor_ParkJiBin You are moody because of something so insignificant, acting up are you!! keke

2011-06-17 @ 8:13 PM
yung6018 @mystyle1103 @actor_parkjibin kekekekekeke Your way of saying is funny

2011-06-17 @ 8:37 PM
4menwonjoo @mystyle1103 Hyung~~~

2011-06-17 @ 8:40 PM
mystyle1103 @4menwonjoo I followed you~~keke You've worked hard today~keke

2011-06-17 @ 8:43 PM
4menwonjoo @mystyle1103 Hyung has also worked hard keke During the broadcast, people are shouting because of Hyung.... there are people who thought it is because of 4men's popularity keke

2011-06-17 @ 8:44 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @mystyle1103 Ajusshi, come quickly because I am now waiting at ajusshi's house~~ Dongsaeng is moody today

2011-06-17 @ 8:48 PM
mystyle1103 @4menwonjoo kekeke Wasn't it fun?? Only with the inclusion of me will it be the real 4men~ke

2011-06-17 @ 8:56 PM
4menwonjoo @mystyle1103 That's why it's 4men kekeke today only it became 4 person kekeke

2011-06-17 @ 10:47 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @mystyle1103 pressing the opponent with G, press W, CX escaped, if F Bbwang~ that'll be good~!!^^

2011-06-17 @ 11:35 PM
wndks1116 @mystyle1103 Are you able to make it to eat fried chicken tomorrow...????

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