Tuesday, June 21, 2011

06.18.11 S/Tweet Treats

Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation in Quiante501.

Cute Park Ji Bin having a tantrum because Young Saeng is ignoring his tweets. ^_^


[Trans] 06.18.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-06-18 @ 12:01 AM
mystyle1103 @wndks1116 Hyung, tomorrow is the busiest TT TT

2011-06-18 @ 12:20 AM
wndks1116 @mystyle1103 Hurr TT Why not you go home later tomorrow??????

2011-06-18 @ 12:33 AM
Actor_ParkJiBin @mystyle1103 Why do you only reply to JooAn hyung why why why you abandoned me today too - -

2011-06-18 @ 7:29 AM
HyungJun87Going off to Jakarta now. Let's run till our body shatter. To forget everything. http://yfrog.com/kl36108274j

2011-06-18 @ 2:25 PM
90KKB Hi there~ hv a good time with my brother and Please give him a support!! @HyungJun87 Do it splendidly and return~ Mr Representative Jun~

2011-06-18 @ 5:06 PM
musical001JM @eunjinsocial Noona~~~I am JungMin~~~keke I got onto KyuJong's one and came~~How are you doing~? You are on air with DaeChul hyung right~? I came to Japan with KyuJong for Goong musical performance~ On Air Hwaiting~!!

2011-06-18 @ 5:27 PM
eunjinsocial @musical001JM Oh~ So you're doing musical with KyuJong~~^^ ke How are you doing? Take good care of KyuJong~ Because he is a dongsaeng whom noona really likes~ ke Take care of your health too! I followed you back!^^

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