Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Article] 'Break Down' Limited Ed to be Released June 30

Spare some money to purchase the limited edition of 'Break Down' which will be out on June 30.

Much thanks to ramham424 for the article in AKP.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong to release ‘Break Down’ limited edition album!
Source: BNT News via Nate
Courtesy of ramham424 / AllKPop

It’s just been revealed that SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong will be releasing a limited edition version of his debut solo album, “Break Down“!

KeyEast Entertainment stated, “We are releasing a limited edition album as a gesture of thanks for those fans who’ve sent lots of love for Kim Hyun Joong’s first mini-album. The limited edition contains a variety of content, including a ‘making-of’ clip as well as personal stories from Kim Hyun Joong himself.”

The limited edition album is comprised of a CD and a making-of clip, a DVD containing the music videos for ‘Break Down’ and ‘Please‘, and 48 pages of never-before-seen photos.

The making-of film holds a special video message for fans as well as highlights from June 7th’s showcase. It also includes clips of Kim Hyun Joong’s dance practice and behind-the-scenes moments from the MV set.

A representative from KeyEast stated, “We regrouped with the best staff once again to provide higher-quality videos and footage, different from the ones you’d find in other limited edition albums.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s limited edition mini-album will be available in off-line stores on June 30th.


Anonymous said...

I want to order 1.
Is it available for online order?

Anonymous said...

How smart of them to take the opportunity to make more money. Money is the main thing here.

Anonymous said...

@9:57pm Actually a lot of singers/groups come out with a special edition and yes, I guess all of them take this opprtunity to make more money. Don't make it sound as though Kim Hyun Joong and his company are the only opportunists. I believe that the charities and free F/Ms' that KHJ has been doing for his fans should be answer enough that he is not a greedy person. Don't be so righteous, please!

Anonymous said...

a cd, 48P photo book, big poster, dvd with showcase highlights and MV making is just 23,000 KRW.
i wonder how they actually make money with this because it contains so many gifts in there.
it's too cheap fot all of those goods.
HJL's limited edition is really collective one.
it even has its own serial number!

but so sadly girls... it's almost sold out already.
they made pre-order yesterday and it's all gone immediately.
they say they reserve small amount for off-line store, but i wonder if i can have one.
10,000 copies is so small amount for tripleS and henecians, isn't it?

Anonymous said...


if you're tripleS or a fan of any of our boys, please stop saying like that.
you should remember SS501 has their own limited editions too.
they even re-released it when it's sold out.
i don't care if you like HJL or not, but your words can criticize SS501 at the same time. got it?

Anonymous said...

9:57 anony. you must be too jealous of khj. if you have only words to say like that, why do you stay here? it's natural that stars make a limited editions for the fan service. do you think they can make much money for 10,000 copies with that cheap price with such big presents? pls have a peace of mind.