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[Trans] 20 Questions Answered by Jung Min from Haru*Hana

Thanks much rainaftershine for sharing this in your blog. Nice questions by the interviewer.

Btw, according the rainaftershine, only the page that has 20 questions were translated by her though she included one which involves Hyung Jun. ^^


[Trans] Haru*Hana Vol. 005 – 20 Questions for Jung Min

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Chinese translation: cath @ No. 43 Park (
English translation: rainaftershine @ RPJM (

During your Korea fan-meeting and showcase, SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun (maknae) had specially went to be the special guest. Everyone knows that the relationship between both of you are really good.

JM: Hyung Jun ah, although he is younger than me, he is not my little brother, but as a friend. Does everyone think that I am always the one who bully Hyung Jun? Actually that’s another type of our skin-ship. On the other hand, I am also always being bullied by Hyung Jun. (Laughs)

20 questions for Jungmin!

Q1) What food do you think its the delicious recently?
Ans: Hamburger, there is a shop which sells delicious hamburger in front of my Korea agency.

Q2) What’s the most pricey item you bought recently?
Ans: Watch, that’s the birthday present I gave myself.

Q3) What do you want most now?
Ans: Time.

Q4) What is the thing that you are most interested/passionate in now?
Ans: Interior design. I moved house recently so I am interested in designing in the house

Q5) Can you tell us what have you dream recently?
Ans: I have dream a happy dream in Hong Kong. I forgot what I have dreamt of, but i felt really blissful after i woke up.

Q6) What do you wish to do if you became an invisible person?
Ans: I will stay at home because it is dangerous. Because if I am careless and something happened, it wouldn’t be good. (Laugh)

Q7) Where will you go during your first date?
Ans: Going for lunch. I will go to my favourite western restaurant or high class restaurant to dine.

Q8) What’s the first gift you will give to your lover?
Ans: I will give couple ring as my first gift during our anniversary.

Q9) What will you do if you got dump (by girlfriend)?
Ans: Erm… Just forget it. (Laugh)

Q10) What do you like to wear when you sleep?
Ans: I like sports type of clothes, sports clothes and pants, and eye mask, I can sleep better if there is a feel of oppressive.

Q11) Are you the type who sleeps and wake up easily?
Ans: Recently, it doesn’t occur much, but I will not be late just because i want to sleep more. However, my manager does it. (Laugh)

Q12) What’s the thing you will need to do in the morning after you woke up?
Ans: Pee!

Q13) What would you like to do if today is the end of the world?
Ans: I will live like how I did normally, I will not do any changes, and will also pray with my family.

Q14) What will you do if you are drunk?
Ans: I will want to go home immediately. (Laugh)

Q15) What will you like to wish for if you are given a wish?
Ans: I want to add 10 years to my 20th century.

Q16) The action you cannot tolerate in girls is?
Ans: Girls who does not spare a thought for people around them.

Q17) If you were a girl, what will you like to do?
Ans: I will like to live normally (not being an idol). I felt really vex because i have to make up every day so I want to live as a normal person. (Laugh)

Q18) Will you date with Jung Min if you were a girl?
Ans: Of course, i am a good man.

Q19) What will you say to yourself in front of a mirror?
Ans: Fighting!

Q20) Your recent kiss is…?
Ans: With my friend’s dog. Although I love dogs, I will not treat them as my kissing partner.

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