Wednesday, June 29, 2011

06.28.11 S/Tweet Treats

Translation of Hyung Jun's tweets from Japan are all posted here. Much thanks to xiaochu for sharing in Quainte501.



[Trans] 06.28.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-06-28 @ 1:55 AM
HyungJun87 I came to Japan. It is a good night^^

2011-06-28 @ 2:04 AM
ambdxtss @HyungJun87 What u doing what u doing?

2011-06-28 @ 3:52 PM
acehongle @HyungJun87 Hurr, Going alone? keke

2011-06-28 @ 4:36 PM
mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ Totally an art~~ Daebak!!
*in reply to =Steven_Lee_= (2011-06-28 @ 2:13 PM) Water here is crystal clean & trees are like 50x taller than me. I loved it! A squrriel's paradise with its crystal clean spring water and cooling trees reaching to the sky~ ^^

2011-06-28 @ 5:20 PM
HyungJun87 Delicious pizza. Avex staffs are really friendly.

2011-06-28 @ 5:57 PM
kimkasu @HyungJun87 Jun brother! When you come to Korea, can you not bring just one piece?! Really want to eat this! o o

2011-06-28 @ 6:21 PM
HyungJun87 @kimkasu Will give you immediately ^^

2011-06-28 @ 6:28 PM
kimkasu @HyungJun87 I will be waiting for it! Jun Brother! o o

2011-06-28 @ 9:15 PM
andlee07 @HyungJun87 Woahng~~must have been delicious...TT Give me pizza too~~~TT

2011-06-28 @ 11:05 PM
HyungJun87 @Spike1092 I am eating watermelon. I'll bring back for you since it's cheap


Anonymous said...

Avex? Avex! is this the Avex group that handled TVXQ's contract in Japan? Oh no!!!!!! Baby, please, please, be careful and read the contract with Avex carefully... have your lawyers check the conditions thoroughly.. please!

Anonymous said...

anon@5:54 I wouldn't worry about Hyung Jun being with Avex. From what I understand TVXQ's issues with Avex stems from their lawsuit with SM. Hyung Jun doesn't have any issues like this and we all know that he's one to only make decisions after careful consideration only. I'm actually glad he's with Avex. Their a large agency that can really promote him well and they seem to have a good reputation in regards to their other artists.