Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong's Smart Style in Running Man

When I first read this news in wonderrrgirl's blog I thought at first it was old news since Running Man had been shown more than few weeks ago. But when I was at the last two paragraphs I realized that this news was probably been paid by the eyewear that sponsored Hyun Joong's glasses. ^^


[News] ‘Running Man’ Kim Hyun Joong in framed glasses gives off an appeal of a “movie star investigator”
Source: bntnews
Translation: Wonderrrgirl

The appearance of Kim Hyun Joong on SBS ‘Running Man’ showing off his smart style has become a topic of discussion.

With his handsome appearance and unique whimsical, as well as his hidden talents, Kim Hyun Joong in his hunting cap, sporty black hoodie shirt matched the vintage feel and fashion sense that he gives off.

Especially so in order to disguise himself by putting on his black glasses, he gives off a different feel and appeal as compared to the other guests. The large frame of the glasses matches and evokes an atmosphere of an investigator at work, his intelligent and bright image became even more obvious on his smooth features.

This product is from Trussardi Eyewear, designed to make small face shapes look even smaller, and it’s good for giving off the feel of a luxurious yet casual feel.

According to a Trussardi Eyewear representative, “By putting it on the right person in the right situation, the glasses will match him easily and it is a good tool in giving off the right image.” “The face shape as well as the overall style is an important consideration. “

Meanwhile, SBS ‘Running Man’ is a mission and survivor variety show where the cast will visit many landmarks that represents the Republic of Korea, which also allows many people to feel the intensity and showdown as the cast goes about to complete their missions.


Anonymous said...

Why do i get the feeling that the media loves kim hyun joong that even the eyeglass he wore becomes news.Good for hyunjoong then its like the media is promoting his talent for him.Thank god for that couldnt ask for more.

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC: from another blog outside SS501 kingdom--


Our leader's name was mentioned by no other than his two best buddies: JYJ group Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu

here's the link of the video:

Junsu: Hyung!!!!!!!!!

Jejung: Why, Junsu-ah?

Junsu: Do you have the new phone number of Hyun Joong since I can't contact him in his old number?

kekekekekeke... the way Junsu texted Jaejoong was like he was in an emergency..... kekekeke... trust our leader to change his number without notifying his friends ^^

Anonymous said...

That's hyunjoong, hahaha! btw our leader seem to lose cell phone quite often, doesn't he? Who picks up that phone??? I wish I could get it....