Tuesday, June 21, 2011

06.19.11 S/Tweet Treats

Quite a lot of tweets last Sunday. Heaps of thanks to xiaochu for consolidating, translating and sharing in Quiante501.

This is the last goodbye stage of Young Saeng in any music show and when he tweeted his about it many wished him well.

Do check out the interesting tweets from woochangsoo to Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. He congratulated Kyu Jong and mentioned that KJ's parents are in Japan. As for his tweet to Young Saeng he's asking him is he's flying off to Japan (should be today ^^). Hmm, could YS be showing his support to KJ? I hope so!


[Trans] 06.19.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-06-19 @ 10:38 AM
eunjinsocia @musical001JM When is it until? Is it with KyuJong and Double?

2011-06-19 @ 11:36 AM
Bong_Actress Mic check with KyuJong on the stage~<3 SsyaeYa~kekekekeke http://yfrog.com/kllurkj

2011-06-19 @ 12:15 PM
mystyle1103 @skullhong I also ate those berries~ke
*in reply to =skullhong= (2011-06-19 @ 8:59 AM) Tired tired eaten berries

2011-06-19 @ 12:16 PM
mystyle1103 @hanzangsuk Where are you going~~~keke

2011-06-19 @ 1:48 PM
skullhong @mystyle1103 It's not very good berries though TT TT kekeke

2011-06-19 @ 4:35 PM
HyungJun87 Filming summer photobook? What is this ^^ http://yfrog.com/kevfkdj

2011-06-19 @ 4:40 PM
acehongle @HyungJun87 Can see sexy hong at the back kekekekeke

2011-06-19 @ 4:50 PM
sek0505 @HyungJun87 Where is this? ke Korea?

2011-06-19 @ 6:12 PM
90KKB @HyungJun87 Oppa, I'm in love with you~keke

2011-06-19 @ 6:24 PM
kimzakky I want to buy piropiro!! @90KKB @hyungjun87

2011-06-19 @ 7:21 PM
dummysama @90KKB @hyungjun87 Me too... totally fell in love... kekeke

2011-06-19 @ 7:31 PM
woochangsoo @2kjdream KyuJong-ah, now that I am seeing our KyuJong from the audience seat, I think that he is really like an actor. Thanks for beliving and doing well, show us an even more upgrade for the remaining and till the last performance, have a good time with your parents today and thanks for working hard through the one week.

2011-06-19 @ 7:32 PM
mystyle1103 @hyunyoung9953 Is that so~ Thanks!!^^ I will come back with even better music next time~
*in reply to =hyunyoung9953= (2011-06-19 @ 4:42 PM) @mystyle1103 I'm your fan...Oppa's Let It Go is really good...It's a pity... Oppa, you're really great in Inki Gayo today! Please let us have even better songs next time too!!!

2011-06-19 @ 7:33 PM
mystyle1103 @_DeviouslySweet Enjoy~~keke
*In reply to =_DeviouslySweet= (2011-06-19 @ 7:27 PM) @mystyle1103 I hear female shouting Heo YoungSaeng today too. I guess it is time to accept, I am going to follow you!

2011-06-19 @ 7:36 PM
mystyle1103 Solo album Let it go!! Ends by today~~keke But I still have a schedule tomorrow........I will sing ballad tomorrow too........Felt stressed....^^

2011-06-19 @ 7:48 PM
Sj861117sj @mystyle1103 Thanks for the efforts~~If you feel stressed, shall we sing together? kekeke

2011-06-19 @ 7:52 PM
jjjjjin2yo @mystyle1103 Hwaiting till the very end!! hee

2011-06-19 @ 8:11 PM
hyeongjin2 @mystyle1103 You've gone through alot, Sudal heehee

2011-06-19 @ 8:12 PM
4menwonjoo @mystyle1103 Hwaiting till tomorrow hyung~ !! I came to Ilsan for a recording... I'm so sleepy to death the whole day long TT TT

2011-06-19 @ 8:45 PM
woosangil @mystyle1103 Sure, are you coming to Japan the day after tomorrow~?keke

2011-06-19 @ 9:07 PM
acehongle Before massaging, nervous PC bang atmosphere keke http://twitpic.com/5dsfqj
*PC bang is those lan shop/a place where u pay to use computers

2011-06-19 @ 9:47 PM
jooyoung0224 @mystyle1103 Oout!!! keke Why did you go off immediately yesterday keke

2011-06-19 @ 10:44 PM
gold_mann @mystyle1103 You've gone through alot~ Let's work hard till tomorrow keke

2011-06-19 @ 10:52 PM
wndks1116 @mystyle1103 Thanks for the efforts hyung!! So then we will be able to eat fried chicken this time right??!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

whoa lucky fan! got a reply from youngsaeng!!

kelly said...

Except for Thursday when he have recordings, I also thot YS may be visiting Japan either these two days or this weekend. If he does, see whether any people able to spot him :)

Park Ji Bin and Young Saeng makes such a cute pair of friends.