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[Full Trans] Young Saeng's Chat on YOZM 06.23.11

xiaochu has already done the translation of Young Saeng's replies from the chat at YOZM that happened last night on Quainte501 and I am shoving them here. Much thanks xiaochu for doing this long translation AGAIN. ^^

Some of you might think why part 2, well part 1 happened last May18. If you missed that one happy episode at YOZM you may click HERE to read that translation.

I have read below twice already once in Quainte501 and here. I commented on Quainte501 that Young Saeng never fails to put a smile on my face with every reply that he gave. He's such a cute dork. ^^


[Trans] YoungSaeng's yozm chat chat chat part 2
Credits : yozm + (English Translation) xiaochu @


[Note from xiaochu : The format of his reply is a little different from the last chat. In the last chat, he replied to the message directly, so I’m able to see what message he replied to. But in this 2nd chat, I guess he read the questions and then posted his reply as a new message. So I’m not gonna go through 34,835 messages. TT_TT We’ll just have to make out what he’s replying on ^^

Things that you want to talk about in YoungSaeng’s chat chat chat part 2! Here’s the topics! 1. Ways to enjoy your holiday. 2. About movies that you’ve enjoyed watching! 3. What to do when you’re stressed?? 4. Hot place you want to recommend? 5. Advices on problems, etc... Inviting everyone to suggest what topics they want to talk on!

The topics in the theme page are already - - ;; Will come back again at 8pm


[ys] everyone become Heo YoungSaeng?;;

Have you watched Rainy Heart music video?? Keke I feel a little disappointed...TT TT

What I feel most disappointed in Let It Go performances is.. that I could not be perfect myself!!

Rainy Heart activities...because I am not good in performing ballad so...kekeke Not going to do (activities for Rainy Heart)~~~ Isn’t it better to release the next album sooner?? Or should I continue my activities and comeback next year?? Keke

High school student fans.. are cute~~keke Wearing their school uniforms and being so small...kekeke calling...oppa oppa~~ keke

Holidays I have time to enjoy a holiday in peace?

My next album will also be dance track...^^

Next album is planned to be released in September...But it can be changed.. Hope you take note of that!!keke

I want to go into acting.. But there is no specific plans yet^^

Next album is.. though it would be great if I release an official abum.. but I think it will take a very long time, so.. I think that it would be good if I release a mini album!!

How old am I already... cute concept... TT TT
(more like saying he’s outgrown the cute concept at this age already)

Sorry that I finished my activities so soon.. But the trend these days is to have short promotional activities.. Please live in the fun of waiting for me from now~~^^ while reviewing (what I’ve done)...!!

When I see fan boys.. I feel alright with that~~~ Since even guys see me as a great guy Heo YoungSaeng...keke

When the accident happened in Music Bank.. I was really embarrassed.. And it was funny too~~I think it was a good memory~~keke

When I see my fans.. I think “kekekekekekekekeke”

To everyone with upcoming exams...!!! “Good luck for your exams~~^^ I will kill you if you don’t do well!!!^-----^*”

Family news... It was a long time ago.. I cannot.... remember~~ TT TT

Keeping a distance with fans?? That is managing~keke

Close (friendly) idol...!!! Who is it.. I am closest to HongKi~~ and recently I became close with YongJun hyung~~keke Beast.. pretty dongsaengs~keke

Rock ballad next time... Though it is not that powerful.. please look forward to it~~ or maybe not~~keke

I’m just only saying I am mysterious.. but I think I am not mysterious.. - - Will someone mysterious do chats like this? Keke

I cannot sing well...TT TT don’t say singing ability TT TT I’m embarrassed~

Auntie fans or..Noona fans are all welcome~~ Of course!!!!keke But.. auntie and noona fans are sluggish.. - -^

Happy Together... I did my best.. Even got sprayed by water!!

“Takki I love you” >_<”.

What is gathering chocoball

On rainy days.. I just want to rest at home..keke

I bought 21 CDs from Hottracks.. My friend who bought 1 copy got picked...... <<< Poor thing.. TT TT

The best thing I like during this promotional activities is.. the black tailor-made garment and.. the last performance clothes for Inki Gayo?keke

I couldn’t meet the members often these days..TT TT

In Happy Together.. I broke my image a lot..TT TT

If we extend this for an hour.. oppa will be tired..TT TT

What does oppa think of Heo YoungSaeng..? I am Heo YoungSaeng~~

3rd year high school students~~ Even though you have a lot of stress.. and having a hard time.. pull through it!! Alawys think positively...and hope you will strive on~~
So that when University entrance exam ended.. everyone will be smiling and waiting for the results!! Let’s Hwaiting!! 3rd year high school students Hwaiting~~~~

In this album.. my favourite song is Out The Club~~

How I wish that I can be close with girl groups..keke Girl group.. Anyway, I’m closest to Kara and Rainbow dongsaengs~~keke

Hand injury.. is not 100% recovered yet.. I think has recovered 90%!!^^ Thank you for your concern~~

Word that I really don’t want fans to say is.... “Sorry~”

If there are not many fans who came to my public broadcast performance.. other than my feeling.. my strength will be gone (discouraged)~~ TT TT

The forehead kiss in the music video.. ask this to........ the director...kekeke

My official 1st album.. I will think about it.. after I release the upcoming mini album this time~~^^

Short girls.. are cute~~

Have I ever seen a ghost...? I always see them~~keke Scary right???????

I am close with Supernova’s SungJe~~keke He is the only celebrity friend who is the same age as me besides HyunJoong?kekeke

I did the narration for Rainy Heart.. I should have done it even better.. What a pity.. TT TT

Fans.. are prettiest when they cheer and support me~~^^

I didn’t watch my diet when I was young... nowadays... I take healthy good..TT TT

I will lose more weight for my next album.. I will return with an even sharper image~~keke

I like cute and innocent girls~~ and girls who are well-dressed!!

Showcase.. I also eagerly wants to have it!!! However.. I won’t have it if many of you don’t come...keke

Word that I want to hear most from fans is.... “Wah~~~~~~~”

Resting..while taking a rest~~keke

Genre of my next album is...... still.. a secret..!!^^

I want to open a fanclub... but like I said just now.. I won’t do it if there are not many people~

Middle school fans are.. the future of our country!!keke

I don’t have any book which I read recently...keke

Indonesia... I will go when everyone looks for me anxiously~~keke

I am not a two-fingered typist~~

Girl group dance that I try to dance recently is.. None. TT TT;;

Tall girls... It’s ok if she’s not taller than 170cm~~

Game that I am good at... Winning Eleven?keke

What I wish from my fans for my next album.. I wrote it in my official homepage~~

Besides baseball.. I also like basketball~~ I even made a basketball team recently~~keke But since my wrist is still injuried.. I am not able to play sports.. TT TT

My voice mimicry...

173... only if you don’t wear high heels...keke

My typing speed... maybe 300?;;

When feeling down.. listen to Rainy Heart~~

Sports that I am most confident in... is basketball~~

I am not a good drinker.. TT TT

Fans who come in their school uniforms are cute~~keke

As soon as my hand fully recovers.. I will exercise~

Songs I enjoy listening to.. I listen to all kinds of songs~~keke

Drama that I watch recently.. Greatest Love! I finished watching episode 2~~keke

Everlasting song 2.. Program is interesting but.. because I don’t sing well.. I think that it is not for me to attend!!^^

I am getting old.. to wear school uniform..... - -^

Drinking capacity is.. 1 bottle of soju? Half bottle of hard liquor? 2 bottles of beer? Kekeke

I don’t have abs.. don’t expect it~~keke

Double S Official 2nd album.. there is no specific plan for it yet...TT TT cos everyone are busy~~

Building up my body.. that is not going to be easy..keke

Today’s side dish is frog!!

I want to keep a puppy.. but because of the puppy’s fur.. I can’t~~ TT TT;;;

There is nothing that I want to do the best in..TT TT

I want to try Peru food~~keke

The thing that I regretted most in my life till now is.. Nothing...!!

Back view beauty..... - - How is front view... - - poob!

I am not good in variety.. TT.TT;;; I am not eloquent~~

It is good to promote Let It Go.. let’s set the timing!!^^ pretties~

Drink with fans.... and break all my mysteriousness~~?

My attraction is........;; Smile? Keke voice? Kekeke sorry.. TT TT

My favourite Double S song is.... All my love

I have eaten ShinDdeok before... Doesn’t taste good... TT TT

I am not able to read what everyone has written one by one..;; Everyone will see if I don’t write anything right? Keke Please understand~~ And.. you must ask questions.. so that I can reply..
Other than extreme personal questions~~ and embarrassing ones~~

Body part where I am most confident in.. Shoulder~!

During mom’s birthday.. giving her a sincere gift!!! Among friends.. even though it is good to give materialistic stuffs.. but for parents.. they like their children’s heart the most~~^^

Words that you want to hear most now.... thanks for your hard work? Keke

For a period of 7,8 months.. I think I should be producing my album~~

Girls are about acting cute!!!

Get A+ and show it next time..that will do right..? TT TT

The most memorable performance in the past 7 years of activities is our debut stage!!

Age is just a number~~

Housewives.. have a hard time.. because they have to take care of family..TT TT;; Students have a hard time during exam period...TT TT;; Ladies in their 20s have a hard time at work...TT TT;;
I understand them all~~^^ Everyone please do your best in your own field of work~~ Because I will also do my best in my own field~

I think I can’t compose for my next album.. TT TT;;; musical motif doesn’t come to mind~~

I have driver license.

I mainly play games when I use computer~~keke

If I have a little sister.. I want to take her out to play~~

I visit fansites sometimes~~~keke

If it is the end of the world tomorrow.. I think I will be chatting in yozm like now..keke

When oppa takes healthy food.. I felt that I got old.. - -

Arab fans, I can’t go over right now~~ but!! I will definitely be going~~ so hope you can give me lots of support despite being so far away!!!^^

Please break up with that guy~~

When the time is up, I will say goodbye~~

Thing I want to do most now is.. I want to sleep~~keke

I still can’t take seafood~~ TT TT

Girlfriend’s hairstyle, it’ll be good if it is a style that suits herself the most~~

There is not much time left now~~TT TT

When you meet eye to eye with a girl!!! Where will you first look at!!!! Look at her eyes~ maybe look at legs?keke

“BoMin-ah work hard

Reply to me for once since you’re on the computer TT TT It’s my wish, my wish!! TT TT << Reply!

ByeonSeo-yah, Good luck to your university entrance exam

Do you know that your face is small ??kekeke << yup!

“YoonSeon-ah~!! Do well!”

SoHyeon-ah Hwaiting~~!!

I love you, pretty

I will say JooHee-yah I love you~~~~ and go kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke


EunJin EunJin!!!!

Thank you for the great deal of work~~~^^ It has been a long time since we have a chat like this and it was fun~~^^

Another album will be out soon.. Please wait for awhile more~~^^

Like I said just now.. Don’t forget to do your utmost best in your own field!!!

For your reference..I am in my house till now..doing the chat^^ Will send the photo next time~!!


chiwoo23 :

[Heo YoungSaeng] A proof shot for everyone who felt that 1 hour was really short!


Adding this set of pix which I lifted from


Kani MAJAL said...

sorry but this part:

"Close (friendly) idol...!!! Who is it.. I am closest to HongKi~~ and recently I became close with YongJun hyung~~keke Beast.. pretty dongsaengs~keke"

i think he was talking abt Yong JunHyung from Beast

And thanks a lot to Xiaochu for translating and you for posting this up!! i never dream we have trans so soon like this~ you guys have work hard;D

(though it's like get hit by lightning hearing he's not going to promote Rainy Heart;"(

Anonymous said...

When will September come!!?

czakhareina said...

Kani MAJAL thanks for clarifying that, I was breaking my head thinking who he was talking about...
when I go search about YongJun, the name that comes out is Yonsama, and i keep thinking he is calling BYJ as YongJoon HYung (Hyung as in older brother). But then I think he is NOT an IDOL, though I think it would be so great that he would also be close with Yonsama...

anyway I love him in Happy together..
i wish he throws away his idol image and just speak truthfully...

anyway so he is close with SUngJe(superNova), he is recently in my radar cause he is going to start in a musical with Gyuri and he sang a duet with Jiyoung...
and in connection with that he is closest to KARA... hmmnn love connection..? keh....

HE should be confident in his voice... he is an amazing AMAZING SINGER!!!